Leadership & Governance

Leading in an industry that is rapidly changing is a complex endeavor. Leaders need to rely on decision makers at every level of the organization. Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka System of Care leadership implemented a unique set of principles to guide decision-making and ensure continuity and a commitment to our Mission and Vision.

We can help you reform your organization’s leadership practices so that your leaders can set goals and ensure that high standards of quality are met across the organization. Our President/CEO regularly holds coaching sessions for other organizational leaders, and both one-on-one and small group opportunities are available. We can offer assistance with leadership that is based on the foundational principles that have made Nuka into a successful health care provider, but is customized to the profile and needs of your organization and customers.

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Succession Planning

Are you thinking about what will drive your organization for the next 100 years? Wondering how to grow employees into senior leadership positions? Is your c-suite about to change and you’re thinking about how to sustain your organizational momentum? Given that health care is constantly changing, our unique approach to leadership development and succession planning will help you create systems to keep your organization on course and sustain its impact.

A structured, formal leadership development program is an opportunity for you to mentor future leaders into their roles. Our Executive Leadership Experience program is a two-year leadership development program that you can implement to create a formal mentorship system and offer opportunities for job shadowing and observation. We can also help you develop designated senior positions, which would involve participation in expanded activities (such as board or legislative meetings with the leadership), and training to further develop your future leaders.

We can consult with you about these succession planning methods and more, and help you create succession plans that are customized for your organization.

Company & Board “Retreats”

Join a personalized company retreat and workshop for senior leadership to network, exchange ideas, and brainstorm solutions that address the challenges of a constantly changing industry. A Nuka subject matter expert can facilitate discussions with your leadership on topics ranging from governance and leadership; improvement and innovation; service delivery transformation; data and information management; and more. Set against the scenic backdrop of Alaska, your leadership can focus during precious uninterrupted time, while bonding over outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, fishing, and chatting around a fire. These retreats are flexible and can be customized to the leadership needs of your organization.

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