“Nuka represents the future of health and health care in the United States and is a model that all health systems should look to for inspiration and guidance. The Alaska Native people, led by Katherine Gottlieb, have not only developed a model of improving the key health issues of their community, but demonstrate what it means to create a health system that empowers and improves the health of people and populations. I know that I will continue to deepen my study of Nuka in the months ahead as I guide my health system at Harvard to improve the health of our community.”

– Soma Stout, Vice President for Patient-Centered Medical Home Development at Cambridge Health Alliance

Service Delivery Transformation

Pressures are mounting on health care organizations today to provide better care while also controlling costs. Engaging people in their own health care can both result in better health outcomes for patients, and ease the burden on the medical system. Discover the lessons learned, tools and best practices for moving your system from volume to value based care. Effective change management and navigating employees through change requires strategy, including communication plans, easy-to-apply methodology, and early adoption and implementation.

Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka System of Care (Nuka) transformation can serve as a valuable example to organizations seeking to move from volume- to value-based care. Being willing to implement system-wide change, engage people in their own health care, and focus on relationships can realize benefits for both health care organizations and the people they serve.

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Southcentral Foundation, with the tribal authority of Cook Inlet Region, Inc., took responsibility of providing health care and related services to Alaska Native and American Indian people in the Anchorage Service Unit in 1998 and subsequently implemented major reforms to the health care system with the goal of better serving its patients (referred to as “customer-owners” at SCF).

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