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Virtual Nuka Winter Conference

February 8-10, 2021
Connect – Share – Continue the Journey

Join Southcentral Foundation’s Virtual Nuka Winter Conference and discover how the Nuka System of Care model has led to decreased costs, improved outcomes, and increased satisfaction.

General Conference

$499 Registration
$399 Group Rate (5 or more)

Cancellations received by email by February 1, 2021 will receive a full refund. After February 1, registration can be transferred to another participant.

General Conference Agenda

Day 1
9-10:30am (90 mins)

7-8:30am +1 NZ

1-2:30pm EST

Opening and Nuka System of Care Overview

April Kyle

  • Understand how Alaska Native people took ownership of their healthcare.
  • Learn Southcentral Foundation’s Organization history.
  • Review lessons learned in SCF’s story of transformation.
  • Relate the importance of traditional cultural values as part of a successful healthcare model.
30-minute break
11-12:30pm (90 mins)

9-10:30am +1 NZ

3-4:30 EST

Workforce Development and Human Resources Best Practices

Karen McIntire, Kristi Brenock-Leduc, Barb Sappah

  • Know SCFs relational and strategic approach to workforce development.
  • Identify communication strategies are employed to support employees during emergencies.
  • Comprehend how SCF adapted to change to support the needs of the organization as well as employees in response to crisis.
Using Baldrige Framework to Create a Culture of Improvement

Sharon Fenn, Michelle Aregood, Darci Nevzuroff

  • Define the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program framework, criteria and the ADLI evaluation tool
  • Describe how SCF applies the Baldrige framework and uses Baldrige feedback as a tool for continuous improvement
  • Identify opportunities to apply the Baldrige framework within your organization
30-minute break
1-2:30pm (90 mins)

11am-12:30pm NZ +1

5-6:30pm EST

Integrated Care Theory and SCF Teams in Action

Doug Eby, April Kyle

  • Describe how SCF uses integrated care teams to manage workflow and customer-owner panels
  • Examine segmentation of high utilizers to optimize resources
Introduction to Behavioral Health Care Integration

Sara Switzer, Olivia Lorenzo, Troy Wolcoff

  • Define behavioral health integration
  • Explore existing models of integration
  • Describe behavioral health integration at SCF and where it is implemented in our system
  • Explain brief intervention
  • Explore the common clinical issues addressed, and the standard screening tools used
Day 2
9-10:15am (75 mins)

7-8:15am +1 NZ

1-2:15pm EST

LIVE Tour of SCF’s Anchorage Native Primary Care Center

Discover how workspaces are designed to put relationships first and remove barriers that could interrupt networking and connections with customer-owners and families

15-minute break
10:30-Noon (90 mins)

8:30-11am +1 NZ

2:30-4pm EST

Advanced Behavioral Health Care Implementation and Applications

Melissa Merrick, Allison Herman, Roger Fox

  • Review of behavioral health integration (BHI) clinical work
  • Explore Behavioral Health Consultants (BHCs) clinical assessment tools
  • Provide overview of hiring, training and leadership of BHCs
  • Discuss financial structure of BHI services
  • Describe expansion of BHI services, including integrated psychiatry
  • Describe expanding BHI services to non-primary care settings
Rural Health Care and Telemedicine Best Practices

Donna Galbreath, Abby DeBonis, Michelle Baker, Michael Cooper

  • Explore SCF’s strategy in delivering care to customer-owners in rural communities
  • Examine the role of SCF’s rural community health care program
  • Summarize how SCF uses innovative methods, such as tele-pharmacy and tele-behavioral health, in providing real-time care in remote areas
30-minute break
12:30-2pm (90 mins)

11:30am-1pm +1 NZ

4:30-6pm EST

Effective Data Management for Improvement

Steve Tierney, David Fenn, Mike Hirst

  • Examine SCF’s journey toward data management
  • Describe the Nuka System of Care approach and deployment of data management
  • Explore SCF’s Data Mall
Engaging the Community and Providing Culturally Appropriate Care

Ileen Sylvester, Melissa Caswell, Denise Dillard

  • Discuss SCF practices in partnering with a customer-owner population
  • Examine the effects of partnering with customer-owners on health outcomes and design aspects of health care delivery
Day 3
9-10:15am (75 mins)

7-8:15am +1 NZ

1-2:15pm EST

Learning Circle: Details and Demonstration

  • Understand SCFs learning circle philosophy.
  • Learn how to support and strengthen professional relationships even when working remotely.
  • Participate in an SCF learning circle.
15-minute break
10:30-Noon (90 mins)

8:30-11am +1 NZ

2:30-4pm EST

Nuka Strategic Planning Process

Sharon Fenn, Sherrilyn Westdahl

  • Explore the Nuka System of Care approach to strategic planning
  • Explain the specific planning steps and tools applied
  • Review how planning aligns with other processes
Medication Assisted Treatment and Integrated Psychiatry in Primary Care

Melissa Shein, Catherine Arnatt

  • Identify the elements of SCF’s approach to handling opioids and opioid addiction
  • Describe how system of relationship-based care enables and supports our approach
  • Analyze SCF’s results from its approach to opioids and opioid addiction
  • Examine SCF’s organizational approach to handling opioids and opioid addiction and opportunities for reform
30-minute break
Closing Sharing Circle

10:30-Noon AKST

8:30-11am +1 NZ

2:30-4pm EST

In this open session, participants are invited to share successes they have seen in their workforce, family, community, and/or culture regarding the impact of COVID-19. What good has come from this time.

Post-conference Add-ons

Integrated Care Team Webinar

February 11-12, 2021

Consider adding SCF’s virtual Integrated Care Team Webinar to your Nuka Winter Conference registration!

In SCF’s Integrated Care Team Webinar you will explore the systems and protocols SCF has developed to create effective partnerships and integrate services; practice skills needed to improve team efficiency, satisfaction, and the customer experience through interactive, subject matter expert-led panels and sessions; and view a virtual tour of SCF’s clinical and team-based spaces. The webinar includes sessions covering integrated care teams, behavioral health integration, and operations.

ICT Webinar

$999 Registration
$799 Group Rate (5 or more)

Bundled Pricing
for General Conference
& ICT Webinar Add-on

$1,199 Registration
$1,099 Group Rate (5 or more)

ICT Webinar Agenda

TimeTopicLearning Objective/s

6-6:05am +1 NZ

Noon-12:05pm EST

Welcome & Check-In

6:05-6:50am +1 NZ

12:05-12:50pm EST

Southcentral Foundation Nuka System of Care Overview


  • Define the governing principles of SCF and how they connect with the patient-centered integrated care teams.
  • Understand the vision, mission, operational principles, and goals of SCF.

7-8am +1 NZ

1-2pm EST

Drive to Change
  • Examine the current clinic flow and level of clinical discipline collaboration.
  • Evaluate the organizations strengths and opportunities for improvement.

8:15-9:15am +1 NZ

2:15-3:15pm EST

Change Management
  • Discuss the impact of change on clinical practice management.
  • Demonstrate aspects of communication needed to foster professional leadership.
  • Explain the multiple levels of resistance and identify how it presents within the health care system.

9:30-10:15am +1 NZ

3:30-4:15pm EST

History of the Integrated Care Team
  • Identify the primary disciplines collaborating within the core integrated care team.
  • Understand how an integrated care team impacts its patients.

10:30-11:15am +1 NZ

4:30-5:15pm EST

Roles and responsibilities within SCF’s Nuka System of Care Part 1
  • Describe the basic elements and best practices used for patient-centered care within an integrated care team

11:15-11:45am +1 NZ

5:15-5:45pm EST

Integrated Care Teams in Action
  • Recognize common challenges in delivery health care and work to overcome them.
  • Apply best practices to integrated care team scenarios from team videos.

Noon-12:45pm +1 NZ

6-6:45pm EST

Roles and responsibilities within SCF’s Nuka System of Care Part 2
  • Evaluate resource utilization within the integrated care team.
TimeTopicLearning Objective/s

6-6:05am +1 NZ

Noon-12:05pm EST


6:05-6:50am +1 NZ

12:05-12:50pm EST

History of Behavioral Health Integration at Southcentral Foundation Part 1


  • Describe the strategies used to integrate behavioral health services into the primary care setting.
  • Identify solutions to integrate behavioral health into health care organizations.

7-7:45am +1 NZ

1-1:45pm EST

History of Behavioral Health Integration at Southcentral Foundation Part 2
  • Explore clinical areas addressed by behavioral health consultant support.
  • Evaluate the impact to workflow by utilization of integrated support services.

8-8:45am +1 NZ

2-2:45pm EST

5 Dynamics (Simpli5):
Energy Styles and Individual Assessment Maps
  • Build personal awareness of your own energies.
  • Examine the 5 Dynamics (Simpli5) energies in the work cycle and learning preferences.
  • Explore strategies to optimize your ability to apply the right energy at the right time to move through the work cycle effectively.

9-9:45am +1 NZ

3-3:45pm EST

5 Dynamics (Simpli5) Continued: Personal Toolbox and Check-Out

11-Noon +1 NZ

4-5pm EST

Q&A Integrated Care Team Panel
  • Explain how best practices are implemented in an integrated care team.
  • Provide examples of how each discipline supports patient-centered care through advocacy and inquiry.
  • Discuss strategies for overcoming challenges in the patient-centered team environment.
  • Identify strategies to optimize HEDIS data to improve panel management and patient outcomes.

12:15-1pm +1 NZ

5:15-6pm EST

Operations and Logistics
  •  Recognize SCFs operational best practices supporting the Nuka System of Care.
  • Identify how Data Services and Information Technology are utilized by executive leadership.
  • Analyze examples of system-wide changes including facilities design, telehealth, and teleworking.

1:15-2pm +1 NZ

6:15-7pm EST

Implementation Strategies and Next Steps


  • Recognize current opportunities for clinical discipline integration and collaboration.
  • Describe strategies to implement Nuka best practice recommendations.
3-3:20pmQuestions and Close Out


  • Are interested in learning new skills
  • Would like to network with other health care organizations
  • Are seeking proven solutions, best practices and tools to address challenging organizational issues in this rapidly changing industry
  • Would like to see a vision for the future of health care


  • Executive Leadership
  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Direct Clients / Patient Services
  • Specialists
  • Board Members / Owners
  • Coordinators
  • Consultants
  • Analysts / Associates
  • Administrative Support
  • Interns / Fellows
  • Instructors / Educators