Student Experience

Extended-length, hands-on experience

Southcentral Foundation is dedicated to supporting the learning and development of health care providers across Alaska by providing clinical opportunities for students to train with providers in over 20 different health care professions, including medical, behavioral health and dental professions.

At SCF, students will:

  • Build relationships with the Alaska Native/American Indian community in Alaska
  • Work closely with providers who are experienced in the area of whole-person wellness and relationship-based care
  • See firsthand how SCF integrates health care workers from various disciplines and specializations into high-performing teams, and work alongside these teams
  • Observe and contribute to the operation of one of the world’s leading health care organizations

To maintain balance and support Southcentral Foundation’s commitment to quality customer and relationship based care, the opportunities are limited and can potentially be booked a year out.

Student FAQs

You can contact the Student Experience Program at or 907-729-6850

The Student Experience team will notify you via e-mail within a month of the department’s decision.

Affiliation Agreements can take up to three months to establish with a school. You will be unable to start your rotation until this has been completed. If credentialing is needed, this cannot be started until after the Affiliation Agreement is completed.

Medical Students, Nurse Practitioner Students, Physician Assistant Students, and Residents. Once you have been approved for a rotation, credentialing can take 4-6 weeks to complete.

The following immunizations are required for student rotation. Please be prepared to provide documentation.

  1. Tuberculosis (date of last test needs to be within last 12 months)
  2. Varicella (2 vaccines or proof of immunity)
  3. Hepatitis B Series (3 vaccines or proof of immunity)
  4. MMR (2 Vaccines or proof of immunity)
  5. Tdap
  6. Current Flu Vaccine

    Please note that for the safety of customer-owners, staff, and yourself, all immunizations are required. Employee Health will not be able to accept exemptions at this time.

Applications for the 2021-2022 Academic Year will be available here after February 2021.

Clinical Spots are limited and may change depending on COVID responses in clinical areas.