Data That is Driven and Owned by the Customer: My AK Wellness

  • Women on treadmill, My AK Wellness

Southcentral Foundation’s methods of data collection, as well as how SCF uses data for improvement, have been previously discussed on this blog. However, SCF also makes tools available to customer-owners so that they can use data for their benefit as well. One of these tools is My AK Wellness.

My AK Wellness is an online fitness and wellness resource that is designed to help customer-owners reach their wellness goals. The tool is free and is available to customer-owners ages 18 and older. It is completely confidential and can be accessed through any device with the ability to browse the web.

Upon first accessing My AK Wellness, customer-owners complete a short health assessment that asks questions about health, nutrition, exercise, stress level and more.  The tool allows customer-owners to set wellness goals for themselves; for example, a weekly weight loss goal. The tool then provides resources that can help customer-owners achieve these goals.

Customer-owners are free to choose the level of detail in information they access from the tool. For example, the front page of the tool has a daily fruit and vegetable tracker which logs how many servings of fruit and vegetables the customer-owner has eaten that day. However, if the customer-owner wishes, they can also access a more detailed food log which has a list of foods along with calorie and nutritional information.

Customer-owners can also use the tool to create a health profile, which allows them to log blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, cardiovascular activity, meal plans, and more. Customer-owners can set intervals for testing these health metrics; for example, a customer-owner could set a weekly interval to have his or her blood pressure checked. The tool provides a reminder when these tests are overdue. The results are stored in My AK Wellness so that customer-owners can track their health indicators over time.

Customer-owners can also use the tool to work with health coaches on the goals they have set for themselves. If the customer-owner wishes, the health coach can be added to their primary care team and work alongside the customer-owner’s provider.

My AK Wellness is one method by which SCF leverages data directly for the use and benefit of customer-owners.  The tool is customizable and, like the core of SCF’s care system, is based on the health goals of each customer-owner.

To learn more about My AK Wellness, contact us at (907) 729-NUKA (6852) or