Southcentral Foundation Learning Institute Supports Tribal Organizations

Southcentral Foundation’s Learning Institute works with health care organizations around the world, both tribal and non-tribal, to help them improve their systems and service offerings. These reforms are based on principles from SCF’s Nuka System of Care, while being customized to the unique needs and values of each organization and the people they serve. Following is information about a selection of tribal clients the SCF Learning Institute has consulted with, and a brief summary of the work done for each:

Cherokee Indian Hospital

The leadership team of Cherokee Indian Hospital visited SCF in late 2013 to learn about SCF’s Nuka System of Care. After the visit, Cherokee chose to model the design and integrated care team structure of their new hospital after SCF’s primary care centers and the SCF Nuka System of Care. The $82 million hospital opened on October 15, 2015 and serves approximately 12,000 users. Primary care, dental, behavioral health, and pharmacy services are offered at the hospital. Cherokee also contracted with the SCF Learning Institute for additional services, including the creation of a version of SCF’s Core Concepts training tailored for their organization, and implementing a version of SCF’s Beauty for Ashes training.

Great Plains Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board

SCF Learning Institute consultants worked with the Great Plains Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board in South Dakota to support them in reforming the health care system. SCF’s consultants worked with Great Plains to offer support and recommendations for changes and improvements in clinical onboarding and delivery mechanisms, transition to an integrated care model (similar to SCF’s integrated system), human resource and workforce development systems, community needs assessment, facility design strategies, and more.

Blackfeet Nation

SCF Learning Institute consultants are currently working with Blackfeet Nation in Montana on reforms for several different areas of their health care system. The consultants are performing assessment and analysis of Blackfeet Nation’s system and are offering recommendations for change and improvement in care infrastructure, policies and procedures compliance, third-party billing and funding sources, and more. SCF consultants are also working with Blackfeet Nation to support them in developing an action plan for implementing customer-driven improvements to their health system.

The SCF Learning Institute appreciates the opportunity to work with these tribal clients, as well as the many others who have come to SCF for support in improving their health care systems. For more information on consulting services available, contact the SCF Learning Institute today!