Quality Management Courses


Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka System of Care (Nuka) prepares its managers, supervisors and subject matter experts to lead quality and process improvement projects throughout the organization. In this unique experience, join Nuka employees for a five-day, interactive training that will prepare you to foster an improvement culture that will impact every facet of your organization.


Health Care Quality Approaches and Application at SCF (Morning)
Strategic Planning Process / Annual Planning Tool (Afternoon)

The first day will detail the approach SCF takes to quality assessment and improvement, as well as how SCF’s approach contrasts with more traditional approaches taken at other organizations, both currently and historically. SCF ensures that its mission, vision, and corporate goals are integrated into every step of the improvement process, and this session will detail how that is done. Also covered will be SCF’s strategic planning process and annual planning tool.


Understanding Baldrige Health Care Criteria
for Performance Excellence

The second day will focus on understanding the Baldrige health care criteria for performance excellence and the ways in which SCF integrates them into quality improvement processes. The Baldrige framework is integrated into SCF in several different ways, including into our strategic planning process, the way information is shared across the organization, program design, and our improvement culture. The session will also cover the Baldrige assessment approach, as well as SCF’s Baldrige profile.


Plan Do Study Act (Morning)
SCF Data (Afternoon)

The third day will cover one of the central improvement tools, the PDSA (Plan-Do- Study-Act). SCF uses PDSAs to test change, and the session will detail the specifics of how PDSAs are completed and how they are moved to implementation. Participants will also have the opportunity to work on a PDSA related to their job at their organization. Also covered will be SCF’s use of data, how it is transformed into actionable information, and how data is used for performance improvement.


Tour of SCF’s Anchorage Native Primary Care Center and Q&A (Morning)
Survey Design (Afternoon)

The fourth day will begin with a debrief session about what has been covered so far and feature a tour of SCF’s Anchorage Native Primary Care Center. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions to Learning Institute employees, and a tour of SCF’s Primary Care Center will also be provided. In the afternoon, a session on survey design at SCF will go over how questions are developed, how surveys at SCF are designed with ethical considerations in mind and in accordance with SCF’s operational principles and core concepts, and how surveys are deployed at SCF.


Process Mapping (Morning)
Facilitation (Afternoon)

The final day of the webinar will offer an in-depth look at process mapping at SCF. Process mapping involves documenting the current process so that there is a baseline for change, and this can contribute greatly to the improvement process. Also covered will be the way SCF uses facilitators to support key improvement meetings and committees, and the techniques used to ensure that facilitation is effective.

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All courses are hosted at SCF’s Nuka Learning and Wellness Center at 4085 Tudor Centre Drive in Anchorage, Alaska. Registration includes lunch.