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Yukon Youth Healthcare Summit

Geri-Lee Buyck and Anna Billowits were youth recipients of the Arctic Inspiration Prize in 2020 to host a ‘Yukon Youth Healthcare Summit’. This project aims to showcase opportunities that exist within healthcare to Yukon youth (especially rural, Indigenous youth) to encourage them to stay on their educational journey and look at ways to best prepare for post-secondary with an emphasis on bringing cultural values into this system (medicine wheel, traditional medicine, etc.). Their coordinator (and our POC) Geri-Lee works for the Yukon Government in Health and Social Services. She is also a part of Northern Council for Global Cooperation and has done a number of international trips as a citizen journalist. She wants to continue working with SCF after the summit. We are in preliminary talks about launching learning circles or BFA. She heard about us from Natalee Wigan. They are from the same community.


Jul 21 2022


10:00 am - 11:00 pm

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