“I view Nuka as our true north. Nuka’s focus on working with patients and communities to create and promote health in both mind and body serves as a model to us all. Nuka inspired the Center for Primary Care at Harvard Medical School to expand our own focus from health care to health.”

Russell Phillips, Director of the Harvard Center for Primary Care


For more than a decade, in response to requests from around the world, Southcentral Foundation has hosted hundreds of health care executives, directors, direct-care providers, and more to a Nuka System of Care Conference on our campus in Anchorage, Alaska.


We offer many educational and training solutions that support the Nuka approach. Learn how the Nuka approach has led to decreased costs, improved outcomes, and increased satisfaction by attending one of our onsite or virtual education and training opportunities.


Organizations from around the world often send teams of people to Southcentral Foundation events and trainings with the aim of immersing larger groups in the best practices that are used in SCF’s Nuka System of Care. Feedback from organizations that have participated as teams in Southcentral Foundation’s events indicate that it is beneficial, and teams can have more success in implementing what they’ve learned.


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