Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka Health podcast offers insights into how SCF built its Nuka System of Care in collaboration with the Alaska Native community, and how it maintains the system with the community’s support. Each episode will give an in-depth look at different aspects of Nuka, with commentary from the people who helped build the system and keep it operating to a high standard of quality today. We hope you will appreciate the insight into the inner workings of a system that has been nationally and internationally recognized for providing high-quality health care.

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Additional podcasts featuring Southcentral Foundations Nuka System of Care

Race to Value Podcast

Race to Value

Aspirational Healthcare: Employer-Led Disruptive Change and the Nuka System of Care, with Darrell Moon.

The King’s Fund Podcast

The King’s Fund Podcast

The health care of tomorrow? International learning on community, technology, and avoiding digital exclusion.

Vardmaktpodden Podcast



Douglas Eby – Consilium Southcentral Foundation Nuka System of Care (Alaska).

Relentless Health Value Podcast

Relentless Health Value


Radically Improving Population Health: Listen and Learn From One of Our Country’s Best-Kept Secrets, With Douglas Eby, MD, MPH, CPE.

Coproduction and macrosystems of healthcare podcast

Coproduction and macrosystems of healthcare

 Southcentral Foundation President/CEO April Kyle and Executive Vice President of Medical Services Doug Eby discuss how the community became the “customer-owners” and governing board of the health care system.