Family Wellness Warriors


Southcentral Foundation has developed Family Wellness Warriors Initiative, a program that seeks to address the devastating problems of domestic violence, child abuse, and neglect. FWWI equips organizations and individuals to effectively address the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical effects of domestic violence, abuse, and neglect. By developing this educational, community-based and community-driven approach, we are better able to serve our community and our customer-owners.

Learn about our approach

FWWI hosts events throughout the year aimed at helping people who have been impacted by violence. Trainings such as Beauty for Ashes, a five-day, four-night intensive training, are designed to educate and train people in culturally appropriate means to work with those who have been impacted by violence. Although FWWI targets the Alaska Native and American Indian populations of Alaska, the trainings and best practices can be applied at any organization aiming to improve the health of a population. To learn more, visit

See the results

At a 12 month follow up to FWWI trainings:

59% of women and 71% of men showed an increase in self-esteem

55% of women and 61% of men showed an increase in cultural connectedness

68% of women and 74% of men showed an increase in spiritual well-being

Implement trauma informed approach programs

Contact a Nuka representative to discuss how trauma informed programs and best practices can be implemented at your organization.