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Integrated Care Team Job Descriptions

These example job descriptions provide information about responsibilities, necessary qualifications, the working environment, and physical demands for the following integrated care team positions at Southcentral Foundation: physician, RN case manager, certified medical assistant, case management support, and behavioral health consultant.

Clinical Operations

These documents provide information about how SCF runs its primary care clinics, including information on appointments, case management, customer-owner check-in, Integrated Care Team roles and responsibilities, and more. Several of the documents also include information about procedures related to COVID-19, with the exception of vaccinations which are covered in a separate category.

Employee Health & COVID-19 Vaccine Information

These documents provide information about SCF’s handling of COVID-19 vaccinations, including informational flyers for customer-owners and answers to commonly asked vaccine questions. This category also includes documents for employee COVID-19 screening.

Workforce Support

These documents provide information about SCF’s workforce practices, including guidelines for remote work, supporting employees with temporary pay, self-care leave, video conferencing, and more.

Supervisor/Manager Tools for Supporting Employees

These documents provide recommendations and suggestions for managers at SCF to support employees during times of crisis.


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