Behavioral Health

As providers embrace new models to support value-based care, there is growing awareness that taking care of a patient’s physical needs is simply not enough. However, many communities lack adequate behavioral resources – creating a downstream effect for healthcare organizations through higher primary care utilization, unnecessary ER visits, readmissions and other factors.

With more than 10 years of experience seamlessly integrating behavioral health and primary care, the Nuka System of Care can help your organization implement efficient systems and processes that improve outcomes, reduce wait times and decrease costs.

On-Demand Behavioral Health Webinar

Behavioral Health Webinar

Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka System of Care (Nuka) offered a webinar series on behavioral health integration that is now available on demand.

Learn about our approach

  • Fully integrated behavioral health consultants in every primary care team
  • Same-day behavioral health access
  • Complex care management
  • Co-located psychiatry
  • Same-day access to substance abuse support
  • Ongoing process improvement efforts, resulting in dramatically reduced wait times for complex cases

White paper

Discover the three major elements to Southcentral Foundation’s behavioral health redesign: integration into primary care, use of learning circles, and a redesigned intake process. Learn the best practices that have resulted in improved health outcomes, increased satisfaction and reduced costs.