Leadership Team Assessment and Workshop

Southcentral Foundation’s Leadership Team Assessment and Workshop supports continued development and self-awareness for individuals and teams. Offered through a partnership with CDR Assessment Group, Inc., the CDR 3-Dimensional Assessment provides unique insight into a leader’s key strengths and development needs, and provides specific, tangible performance and development suggestions for leaders in complex or demanding roles. Southcentral Foundation uses the CDR 3-D Suite tool, among others, to support continued development and self-awareness for employees in leadership positions.

What’s CDR?

  • Character Assessment: Identifies key personality-based characteristics, acumen, best-fit role, and emotional intelligence. This assessment describes the highly impactful performance and behavior implications of a leader’s character attributes from a business and strategy perspective.
  • Driver Assessment: Explains what fuels an individual’s performance. This assessment measures a person’s need for rewards and recognition, their optimal work environment and culture, the types of people they enjoy working with, the amount of interaction they need, the types of work and tasks they prefer, and their aversions.
  • Risks Assessment: Describes specific inclinations or pre-dispositions to ineffective behaviors that can impact relationships and lead to derailment of work items. These are the factors that may or may not show up when someone is stressed on the job.


Pricing varies depending on the size of your team and whether it is delivered in person or virtually.

For virtual delivery, it is $750-$1,200 per person depending on the size of your team.

Contact us to get detailed pricing for your organization.

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Each individual leadership member receives an assessment questionnaire. Upon completion of the assessment, each participant will have a 1.5-hour one-on-one debrief (virtually) with one of Southcentral Foundation’s Certified CDR Feedback Coaches.


Southcentral Foundation offers an eight-hour virtual or in-person team workshop that can be broken up into two four-hour sessions. Facilitated by an SCF coach, the workshop will lead your team through the following:

  • Define the characteristics being measured and discuss how different aspects of each characteristic show up for you and for your team.
  • Identify opportunities to incorporate the strengths of your different characteristics into the team’s dynamics.
  • Discuss the different risk scales in the CDR tool and how our risks show up at work.
  • Analyze how risks might derail work, and what you can do to account for those risks.
  • Define the drivers and rewards scales and examine how different drivers and rewards motivate people.


Southcentral Foundation’s Leadership Team Assessment and Workshop is for executive-level leaders, board members, and departmental or divisional leadership. Individuals can participate with an assessment and debrief with one of SCF’s Certified CDR Feedback Coaches. Teams of 3-16 can participate in the assessment, debrief, and team workshop.

Looking for an activity at your leadership retreat or executive team-building event? SCF’s Leadership Team Assessment and Workshop is a great opportunity for your leadership retreat or executive team-building event. Contact us to discuss tailoring this workshop for your organization!