Due to constant change in health care, there is an increased need to go from “just training” employees to offering a more strategic approach that supports performance outcomes you need from your workforce. Nuka emphasizes hiring the right people and making a significant investment in teaching employees the skills they need to develop trusting, accountable, long-term relationships with both co-workers and customer-owners.

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Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka System of Care has an intentional work design that encourages collaboration and passion for the vision and mission. The organizational structure and environment are workforce development focused. SCF is positioned as a learning organization, which encourages employees to have a willingness to continually change and innovate. SCF uses multiple methods to foster a culture of open communication, high performance, and engagement.

Core workforce competencies provide structure and alignment throughout recruiting, onboarding, and performance management. These competencies emphasize and reinforce the mission: customer care and relationships, communications and teamwork, improvement and innovation, and skills and abilities.

To ensure new employees get a solid foundation of the organization’s philosophy and culture, all new hires complete a comprehensive 3.5-day new hire orientation before joining their teams. They also complete Core Concepts, an intensive three-day training that emphasizes the value of story and relationships within the health care environment. SCF has also developed many program-specific onboarding programs, such as Case Management Support Training Program and the award-winning Administrative Support Training Program.

Solutions for your organization

Southcentral Foundation’s workforce development solutions include numerous employee trainings that are open to outside organizations. Visit the events page for a list of upcoming trainings. Additionally, you may want to connect with SCF subject matter experts to learn more about these tools and solutions:

  • Learning and development assessments and annual learning and development plans
  • Performance development plans
  • Employee learning and development
  • Workforce competencies
  • Recruitment, interviewing, and onboarding solutions
  • Improving retention rates
  • Organizational culture and work environment
  • Relationship-based workforce solutions
  • Employee engagement surveys and employee input

How we consult

Southcentral Foundation’s Learning Institute provides consulting solutions in a variety of ways, to best meet the needs of your organization, including:

  • On-site consulting at your location
  • Customized learning experiences on SCF’s campus in Anchorage, Alaska
  • Hourly virtual consulting sessions
  • Multi-year / multi-phase contract solutions
  • Government sole sourcing / no-bid contracting
  • Curriculum design and training / workforce development customization

SCF’s Learning Institute is available to explore these solutions and more. Fill out a request to schedule your complimentary call today!

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