Team Dynamics Workshop

Southcentral Foundation’s Team Dynamics Workshop is designed to help individuals and teams achieve better team dynamics and performance. First, each team member completes an online assessment through the Simpli5 team management software. Then, a Southcentral Foundation Simpli5 Certified Practitioner will lead a virtual, four-hour workshop with your team to interpret results, discuss the benefits and challenges posed by the team’s dynamics, and develop alignment of your team’s preferred processes.

Southcentral Foundation has used this tool for more than 10 years and has seen impressive results in helping work teams optimize individual and team performance.

During SCF’s Team Dynamics Workshop, your team will:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of one another and the team as a whole.
  • Interpret your team graph.
  • Identify the benefits and challenges posed by your team’s dynamics.
  • Discuss the process requirements of your team’s work.
  • Develop ways to align your team’s preferred processes.

SCF received positive feedback from participants in previous workshops:

“I found the results to be very interesting and I really appreciated the in-person discussion about them. I will certainly use the insight gained from this in my future work.”

“By learning where my energies are in the project cycle before diving into the following assignments, I was better positioned to complete the videos and assignments within that framework.”


$300 per person for virtual delivery.

Contact us if you’d like information on pricing for in-person delivery.

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About the workshop

The workshop is offered virtually over four hours, with two modules. The first two hours are focused on the individual module, examining how differing energies impact the work cycle, employee learning preferences, and how employees can apply the right energy at the right time to move through the work cycle effectively. The last two hours of the workshop are focused on the team module. The SCF Simpli5 Certified Practitioner will facilitate discussions with your team to meet the training objectives.

Who should participate

Southcentral Foundation’s Team Dynamics Workshop is beneficial for multi-disciplinary health care teams, teams working on improvement projects or organizational changes, teams that are newly collaborating or have new members, and any team seeking an interactive training to develop alignment and better understanding. Team sizes can vary, though for the best experience in the workshop, 3-12 participants is recommended.

Our Team Dynamics Workshop can be a beneficial addition to your staff retreat or team-building event.