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The use of data to drive improvement is a key tenet of Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka System of Care. Our unique population-focused, person-centric data management tool is designed to share up-to-date data with physicians and care teams – allowing them to identify and engage high-risk patients to ensure they receive needed care. A person-centric approach has ensured that patients (called customer-owners) are accessing the appropriate level of service, impacting long-term health outcomes and increasing satisfaction.

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After taking ownership of primary care, SCF made it a priority to improve its data and information practices to support the transformation of the health care system. In the years following, SCF began creating standardized data reports that could be used for multiple purposes, including making improvements and reporting to regulatory or granting agencies. Selected measures were reported on for each provider care team to build accountability into the system while also providing an overall picture that SCF could use to improve population health. SCF has carried this base system forward and worked to improve it ever since.

For some time, SCF’s data and information strategy was fragmented, with data being collected by grants and some SCF departments, including the Information Technology department when they had time. With support and direction from senior leadership, SCF embarked upon improving our approach to data and information management. The first step was to develop a data services department that brought together employees doing data analysis from departments and IT. This central data function was staffed with employees who were skilled in finding, reporting, and analyzing data. SCF developed a central repository for all data which allows for linkage between multiple operating systems and employed specialized analysts who developed relationships with various areas of SCF such as the clinics, Human Resources (HR), Finance, and Operations. SCF’s Data Services then developed a web-based reporting tool that displays up-to-date data and implemented a data management model, which operationalizes measures identified through the voice of the customer and our strategic planning process.

Solutions for Your Organization

SCF can help your organization improve how it approaches, deploys, learns, and integrates data and information to support your organizational goals and objectives.

  • Data and information organizational assessment
  • Web-based reporting tools designed to provide actionable, real-time data to care teams
  • Data collection tools and analysis tied to strategic objectives
  • Data tools to identify and operationalize best practices
  • A process to operationalize measures identified through the voice of the customer

How we consult

Southcentral Foundation’s Learning Institute provides consulting solutions in a variety of ways, to best meet the needs of your organization, including:

  • On-site consulting at your location
  • Customized learning experiences on SCF’s campus in Anchorage, Alaska
  • Hourly virtual consulting sessions
  • Multi-year / multi-phase contract solutions
  • Government sole sourcing / no-bid contracting
  • Curriculum design and training / workforce development customization

SCF’s Learning Institute is available to explore these solutions and more. Fill out a request to schedule your complimentary call today!

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