COVID Has Made the Office Visit a Dinosaur
An article written by IHI Leadership Alliance

Reshaping Healthcare: What We Can Learn From Alaska
Blog by William H. Bestermann, JR, MD on how others can learn from Southcentral Foundation’s model. Don Berwick identifies SCF as the best reorganization of health care in the country.

The Healing Power of Soldier’s Heart
An Anchorage Daily News article on how Southcentral Foundation’s Soldier’s Heart program is designed to help veterans and first responders cope with the stressors of their jobs.

The Problem with U.S. Health Care Isn’t a Shortage of Doctors
A Harvard Business Review Magazine article discusses how Southcentral Foundation is part of a number of top U.S. physician groups who have shown the ability to reduce ER visits and hospital admissions profitably under payment systems that reward better care management.

Indigenous-led Health Care Partnerships in Canada
An article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal analyzes how indigenous-led healing movements are improving health equity for indigenous peoples in Canada. The Nuka system is mentioned as an example of a successful indigenous-led health system.

Integrating Specialty Care into Primary Care: The Nuka Approach
An overview of Southcentral Foundation’s gradual approach to integrating specialty services with primary care by the BC Medical Journal.

Radio story from the BBC UK discussing the challenges of remote and rural healthcare
Taking inspiration from indigenous tribes in Alaska, the Nuka model has been adapted for the Small Isles with a high level of community engagement.

A New Approach to Native American Healthcare in Rapid City
The Great Plains Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board reports on a redesigned version of SCF’s Core Concepts training being implemented for providers working for the Great Plains Tribal Charimen’s Health Board and the Oyate Health Center.

How the Eastern Cherokee in North Carolina use casino profits to revamp health care
The Charlotte Observer reports on how Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka System of Care helped the the North Carolina Cherokee people adopt an integrated care model to deliver care that not only improves patients’ health, but also is tailor-made for the needs of the tribe.

Storytelling is the best medicine, doctor touts Nuka System of Care
Dr. Terry Simpson talks with Morning Line host Danny Preston on June 19, 2019, about the 9th annual Nuka System of Care Conference

Forum for Health Policy reports on SCF’s Nuka System of Care
Community driven health care builds trust and reduces costs.

Alaskan Health Care Redesign Experts Hold Conference in Napier
Hawke’s Bay District Health Board, Ng’ati Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated and the wider Hawke’s Bay health system warmly welcomed Southcentral Foundation to host a conference at Napier’s Conference Centre.

Giants Among Men
Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipient Southcentral Foundation picks up its second honor.

Yellowhawk Opens New Tribal Health Facility
The East Oregonian reports on how the Nuka System of Care helps with the new Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center.

On the Road with Cherokee Indian Hospital
The Beryl Institute reports on how Southcentral Foundation helped to guide the redesign of Cherokee Indian Hospital’s Primary Care delivery.

We Owe Our Nation Something Different
Amy Compton-Phillips, MD, Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer for Providence St. Joseph Health and Theme Leader for NEJM Catalyst shares how Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka System of Care is an example of how to address behavioral health needs within the primary care setting.

Love and Excellence
Here are six themes that led five organizations on their Baldrige journeys

Skidegate breaks ground for new health and wellness centre
The open-concept of Southcentral Foundation helped inspire the new Skidegate Health and Wellness Centre which features ocean-facing windows and an open, welcoming interior.

Call for Nuka system to be rolled out to benefit Fife patients reports on how the Nuka System of Care inspired an overhaul of GP services which could put an end to three week delays for appointments.

The Doctor Will Analyze You Now
Politico reporter Joanne Silberner details the SCF Nuka System of Care’s approach to behavioral health integration and integrated care teams and the impact this approach has had on health care outcomes and cost savings.

Native Wisdom Is Revolutionizing Health Care
Shari Huhndorf writes about how Southcentral Foundation has vastly improved Alaska Native welfare by integrating traditional healing practices into health care while saving on costs

Natural Beauty: Cherokee Indian Hospital
Cherokee Indian Hospital first turned to Southcentral Foundation for inspiration

Harvard Case Series 
Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care announced a new case series profiling the work of Southcentral Foundation

Nuka-style models of primary healthcare
Maxine Jones, an associate with the International Future Forum, expands upon her efforts in introducing a Nuka-style model of care in Scotland.

Introducing Nuka in Scotland: Reflections of a scrambled innovator
Maxine Jones, an associate with the International Future Forum, provides examples of challenges and solutions to patient-centered holistic care, based on SCF’s Nuka System of Care.

Exclusive: GP practice averts crisis after adopting Alaskan primary care model
Maxine Jones, an associate with the International Future Forum, explains SCF’s use of advanced nurse practitioners, which was adapted in Scotland to alleviate the demand and strain general practitioners (GP) tend to experience.

Grantmakers In Health Case Study
Eileen Salinsky, Grantmakers In Health reports on the Nuka System of Care

Sustainability and Transformation Plans – what they mean for the NHS
The King’s Fund reveals the opportunities and challenges of creating and implementing NHS STPs

Senator Dan Sullivan Talks to the Press about Alaska’s Opioid Crisis
The goal [of the summit] was to bring people hope, to show them they’re not alone, to erase the stigma of addiction, to educate people and to bring awareness to the community.

An Uphill Battle – challenges of treating opioid addiction
Dr. Aryeh Levenson developed the opiate treatment program for Southcentral Foundation and his experience in treating addiction has made him acutely aware of the complex issues driving opioid use.

The Kings Fund: “Intentional whole health system redesign”
A case study and video series featuring Southcentral Foundation leadership on whole system transformation

The Society for Organizational Learning: “Healthcare at Its Best: Southcentral Foundation’s Core Concepts Training”
This article in The Society for Organizational Learning highlights Southcentral Foundation’s relationship-based Core Concepts Workshop.

The New York Times editorial: “A Formula for Cutting Health Costs,” focuses on Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka System of Care
Read how SCF is a model for other health care organizations.

The Oregonian cover article: “Alaska Native Medical Center a Model for Curbing Costs, Improving Health”
This final series article on Alaska Native and American Indian health and wellness highlights Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka System of Care.

Center for the Health Professions Research, UCSF Research Brief
This case study featured in the Center for the Health Professions, UCSF Research Brief uses Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka System of Care as a model for other health care organizations.

Family Practice Management – “Transforming Your Practice: What Matters Most”
This article, featured in American Academy of Family Physicians’ Family Practice Management Journal, highlights the approach taken by Southcentral Foundation.