“The Nuka System of Care offers community-centered and Indigenous-led approaches to working with partners to create meaningful healthcare transformation. While the Yukon context is unique, the opportunity to learn from the foundation will aid in evolving the structures and relationships needed to deliver collaborative, culturally-safe and inclusive health care and social services.”

Tracy-Anne McPhee, Minister of Health and Social Services 


Leadership is critical in the field of health care. Good leadership can see an organization through difficult times, facilitate large-scale changes, and support the provision of high-quality health care. Through consulting with Southcentral Foundation’s Learning Institute, your organization’s leaders can learn the techniques that have brought SCF national and international recognition for leadership, quality of care, and customer and employee satisfaction.

  • Leadership Team Assessment and Workshop
  • Workforce Development Consultation
  • Leadership Consultation


If you’re seeking opportunities such as family medicine residency rotations, externships, internships, and clinical and non-clinical rotations, SCF’s Nuka Learning Program provides immersive, culturally appropriate, and relationship-based experiences in SCF’s Alaska Native owned and operated health care system.

  • Scholarship
  • Internship
  • Short Term Observation
  • Clinical


Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka System of Care can serve as a valuable example for organizations seeking to transform their health care systems. Being willing to implement system-wide change, engage people in their own health care, and focus on relationships can reveal benefits for both health care organizations and the people they serve.

With more than 20 years of experience developing our team-based approach, we can support your organization in helping you develop and implement processes and systems for sustainable organizational change that can be engrained in your culture.

  • Behavioral Health
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Primary Care


Southcentral Foundation’s subject matter experts can work in collaboration with your organization to support and guide you through the change process to reach your goals.

  • Customer and Community Engagement
  • Data and Info Management
  • Strategy and Improvement


Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka Strategic Planning Software is proven to bridge the gap between employees and the mission and vision of your organization, encourage and support continual improvement, develop shared accountability, track progress, and report on successes.