Site Visits

Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka System of Care is a relationship-based, customer-owned approach to transforming health care, improving outcomes, and reducing costs. Southcentral Foundation provides site visit opportunities for other organizations to visit our campus in Anchorage, Alaska and learn about Southcentral Foundation’s award-winning Nuka System of Care.

Standard site visits are hosted over two full days, featuring sessions on a variety of topics including integrated care teams, workforce development, data and information management, behavioral health, improvement and organizational development, and trauma informed care. Learning objectives are listed below. You will hear from Nuka leadership and subject matter experts, learn from members of integrated care teams in primary care, and participate in interactive sessions in our Nuka Learning and Wellness Center. Tours of Southcentral Foundation’s Anchorage Native Primary Care Center are also provided.


$2,000 per person

$1,800 per person for groups of 5 or more

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Below are the standard site visit sessions and learning objectives. Sessions can be tailored to your organization. Additional topic areas and opportunities are below.


  • Describe different workflow models and their impact on care delivery
  • Illustrate different integrated care team roles and their contributions
  • Review health and performance indicators for integrated care teams


  • Explore SCF’s population-based approach for overcoming barriers to behavioral health care
  • Examine key elements of redesign changes in behavioral health services, such as: immediate access with behavioral health consultants, co-location of psychiatry in Primary Care, Learning Circles, and community case management


  • Explore SCF’s focus on work design and how success is driven by hiring the right people
  • Examine the SCF HR Department’s use of the relationship-based model
  • Learn about the Nuka System of Care’s approach to performance management


  • Connect SCF’s learning and development approach to its mission, vision and corporate initiatives
  • Examine SCF’s learning and development philosophy
  • Describe SCF’s learning and development structures, processes, and workforce support


  • Examine SCF’s journey toward data management
  • Review key steps necessary when thinking about building your own Data Services Department
  • Explain the Data Information Request Tool and how it supports SCF’s work prioritization process


  • Define improvement culture
  • Describe the organizational structure of improvement as part of the Nuka System of Care
  • Determine how accessing the voice of the customer helps the improvement cycle


  • Define SCF’s multidisciplinary approach to trauma-informed care
  • Describe the ways in which trauma impacts overall health
  • Analyze how many different areas of SCF work with customer-owners to address trauma, including but not limited to:
    • Primary care providers
    • Behavioral Health Consultants
    • The Family Wellness Warriors (FWW) program, a program which uses trainings based on Alaska Native values to support those who have experienced trauma.

Additional opportunities

Tailor your Nuka site visit! Our team will work with you to put together a schedule of sessions that will most benefit your organization. If sessions and opportunities are planned beyond the standard 16 hours, there may be additional costs which will be discussed with you as your site visit is planned.

Other organizations have added the following additional topic areas to their tailored site visit schedules:

  • Strategic planning (including a Nuka Strategic Planning Software demonstration!)
  • Functional committee structure
  • Integrating psychiatry and dietitians on primary care teams
  • Elder program and services
  • Traditional healing
  • Community engagement
  • Baldrige criteria for performance excellence
  • Facility design
  • Pain management

Also, if you’re interested in maximizing your visit to Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka System of Care, you may consider coordinating your visit with a Core Concepts Workshop. Core Concepts is Southcentral Foundation’s relationship-based communication workshop, and it is foundational to the Nuka System of Care. To learn more about the Core Concepts and to see when they are scheduled, please visit


Health care is undergoing a dramatic change, with an emphasis on quality, population health outcomes and whole person care. Health care systems are having to rapidly rethink how services are delivered. Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka System of Care has been a model for other health care systems, providing not only inspiration for the future of health care, but also tools and best practices that have been proven over SCF’s 30 years.

A Nuka site visit is a great opportunity if you are seeking proven solutions in a rapidly changing industry, want to see a vision for the future of health care, are interested in learning new professional and personal skills, or would like to network with SCF’s subject matter experts. Past attendees have included executive leadership and board members, medical directors, data and information specialists, administrative support and educators, and more.


“I felt welcome, small details were really appreciated. I felt taken care of and a sense of belonging. Learning the models was fascinating. I feel so fortunate to try and bring these concepts to my community.” 

“Inspiring to see a robust customer-owner centered system work so well.”

“Was good to see the strength of relationships between co-workers.”