Clinical opportunities are available for learners (students, residents, and externs) to work and learn in medical services (primary care, pediatrics, integrated care teams), behavioral health (including psychiatric residencies), tribal and community-based services, and dental.


  • Completed applications must include a resume and a letter of intent describing why learners are interested in a learning experience at Southcentral Foundation.
  •  Once an application is received, it will be vetted by the SCF’s Nuka Learning Program and final approval will be determined in partnership with supporting SCF departments.
  •  A SCF representative will contact you with the approval decision and appropriate next steps.

Summer 2024-Spring 2025 applications are in review.

Notifications will be sent out by May 2024.

For more information on clinical opportunities available at SCF, please see info below:

Services: Southcentral Foundation Primary Care Clinics provide services in acute and chronic disease treatment, preventive care, same-day appointments, minor surgery, lab and X-ray, social services, maternity care, and pediatrics. For example, medical nutrition therapy provided for diabetes, weight management, metabolic disorders, cardiac disease, oncology, failure to thrive, adult and pediatric tube feeding, and general nutrition education.

Medical/clinical professions that support the clinic include dieticians, behavioral health consultants, physical therapy, radiology, pharmacy, complementary medicine, traditional healing, and specialty departments.

There are multiple locations for opportunities in primary care:

  • Southcentral Foundation Outpatient Primary Care
  • Outpatient Pediatric Primary Care
  • Benteh Nuutah Valley Native Primary Care Center

Student Experiences: MD/DO Residents, MD/DO Students, Nurse Practitioner Students, Physician Assistant Students, Nursing Students (Case Management Opportunity), CMA Externs, Dietetic Students, limited job shadowing opportunities, and limited observation opportunities.

Services: Southcentral Foundation Behavioral Health Services in Primary Care Center (Credentialed Providers) provide consultation and treatment for customer-owners ages 18 and up for all DSMV diagnoses. Direct referrals from Primary Care Providers, self-referrals, and BURT Team.

Student Experiences: Psychiatry Residents, medical students with an interest in Psychiatry, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants (no observation opportunities, but an interview can be scheduled). To review standard objectives for behavioral health clinical rotations at SCF, please click here.  Please review listed objectives prior to applying for a clinical rotation. Clinical rotations do not provide opportunities for psychotherapy, group therapy or home visits.

Services: Southcentral Foundation dental services include examinations, cleanings, fillings and dental surgery, limited crowns, bridges, root canals, orthodontic procedures and dentures. There are five locations that provide dental services:

  • Alaska Native Medical Center focuses on pediatric dental care, dental emergency care and dental surgery.
  • Fireweed Clinic focuses primarily on dental care for adults.
  • Children’s Dental Clinic focuses on children and young adult customer-owners up to 21 years of age, including general dentistry, pediatric dentistry and orthodontics.
  • Chugach Square Dental Clinic provides general dental services for Elders and Head Start
  • Benteh Nuutah Valley Native Primary Care Center Dental Clinic provides general dental services.

Student Experiences: Dental Assistant Training Program DATP and limited observation opportunities

Services: Southcentral Foundation’s Outpatient Physical Therapy and Exercise provides physical therapy, exercise, and customer-owner and employee wellness services. Medical/clinical professions that support the clinic include direct referrals from SCF primary care providers.

Student Experiences: Full-time DPT student clinical rotations, full-time PTA student clinical rotations, full time exercise science internships, and 40-hour observations. Only 3rd DPT students for outpatient orthopedic rotations, last 2 rotations for PTA students for outpatient orthopedic rotations.

Services: Southcentral Foundation Obstetrics and Gynecology Department provides a full range of health services for women, both pregnant and non-pregnant, throughout the life continuum, from adolescence to post-menopausal. To include low-risk and high-risk obstetric care, comprehensive gynecologic care, Family planning, initial evaluation and treatment of infertility, gynecologic cancers and vasectomies.

Student Experiences: Depending on the rotation, the experience may be a combination of clinic care and inpatient care including Labor and Delivery, gynecologic surgical services and postoperative care. The experience may be a combination of weekdays, nights and weekends. MD/DO Residents, MD/DO Students, Student Nurse Midwives, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner Students, CMA Externs, limited observation opportunities.

Services: Dietetic Services in Southcentral Foundation Outpatient Primary Care, Outpatient Pediatric Primary Care, and the Benteh Nuutah Valley Native Primary Care Center provide medical nutrition therapy for diabetes, weight management, metabolic disorders, cardiac disease, oncology, failure to thrive, adult and pediatric tube feeding, and general nutrition education. Also provide lactation services, menu reviews for SCF programs, group education, nutrition education material development.

Student Experiences: Dietetic students and limited job shadowing opportunities

Services: Southcentral Foundation’s Radiology Department provides X-ray and Ultrasound services.

Student Experiences: Sonographers, Radiology Technologists and limited observation opportunities