Nuka Improvement Internship and
Nuka Improvement Fellowship Opportunities

Southcentral Foundation will sponsor a 11-month Nuka Improvement Internship and Nuka Improvement Fellowship within Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka System of Care which utilizes a relationship-based, customer-owned approach to transforming health care. This opportunity internship or fellowship provides an opportunity to participate in the redesign of systems and processes to improve the health outcomes, customer experiences and cost effectiveness of Southcentral Foundation. The internship and fellowship are paid positions for on-site work in Anchorage, Alaska from June to May.

The Southcentral Foundation Nuka Improvement Internship is available to people who have completed their undergraduate studies and who are seeking opportunities to gain hands-on introductory work experience in the area of health care improvement. Through mentored experiences and process improvement projects, the intern will have an opportunity to directly impact how care is delivered at Southcentral Foundation.

The Southcentral Foundation Nuka Improvement Fellowship is available for graduate and postgraduate students and medical residents with experience in the area of improvement who are interested in health care improvement opportunities that will augment academic studies with more advanced work experience, intensive training and promoting opportunities for leadership.

The goal of this program is to provide a robust experiential learning experience by providing an opportunity to work alongside improvement teams, integrated care teams, as well as clinical and operational leadership on various improvement projects in both rural and urban health care settings.  All opportunities begin with and introduction to the SCF Foundations of Nuka: Customer Care and Relationship, Communications and Teamwork, Improvement and Innovation, and Workforce Development and Skills. Through this training the participants will gain knowledge of the Nuka System of Care, Customer-ownership, relationship-based approaches and whole system transformation requires multiple facets of operational and community services working together to support a shared vision.


Applications for the Nuka Fellowship or Internship will be reviewed throughout the year.  Completed application include a resume and letter of intent describing why you are interested in a Fellowship/Internship at Southcentral Foundation.

Fellowship Application Process

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