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The core foundation of SCF’s Nuka System of Care is that it is customer-driven. Customer-owners set the direction for every aspect of the system, and that is true for facility design. SCF accomplished the redesign of its clinical facilities in four phases, and customer feedback was sought for each phase. They were given the opportunity to tell SCF what they thought was working well, and what areas still needed improvement. SCF made changes in each phase in response to their feedback, and not only did this result in clinics that were better suited to serving the needs of customer-owners, it also helped secure community buy-in for the change. SCF has continued the practice, always soliciting community feedback for the building of new facilities as well.

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Southcentral Foundation’s facility design promotes a focus on relationships, not only with customer-owners, but also between employees. Prior to the construction of our current facilities, providers had private offices, and physicians sat with physicians, nurses sat with nurses, etc. Managers also had private offices, and these were often separated from the employees they were responsible for.

In the newer facilities, SCF radically changed office spaces to promote relationships between employees. Primary care providers now sit together in open workspaces with nurse case managers, certified medical assistants, case management support and other care workers. This open environment fosters collaboration among team members. SCF has also de-officed managers and supervisors, and they sit together in open areas with the people they supervise. Communication is made much easier in these types of environments.

SCF has also added talking rooms to clinic spaces as part of facility design. These are “de-medicalized” rooms where care workers can talk with customer-owners in a setting that feels less clinical than the rest of the primary care facility. SCF’s integrated behavioral health consultants make use of these spaces as well, as needed.

SCF’s facilities are an example of how the core principles of an organization can translate into physical space, and how facility design can help providers and customer-owners work together toward wellness.

Solutions for your organization

SCF subject matter experts are available to assist your organization on facility design, from the ground up – not only on physical spaces, but also on how your organization’s core principles can drive facility design.

Whether your organization is building a new clinic or remodeling an existing clinic, SCF can provide assistance. Some ways in which SCF’s facility design experience has been useful for other organizations include:

  • Getting direction and buy-in from customers, community, and employees
  • Open office layout for multidisciplinary teams
  • Intentional design of corridors and shared spaces to eliminate redundancy in clinics and maximize resources
  • Emphasis on community culture in art and design

How we consult

Southcentral Foundation’s Learning Institute provides consulting solutions in a variety of ways, to best meet the needs of your organization, including:

  • On-site consulting at your location
  • Customized learning experiences on SCF’s campus in Anchorage, Alaska
  • Hourly virtual consulting sessions
  • Multi-year / multi-phase contract solutions
  • Government sole sourcing / no-bid contracting
  • Curriculum design and training / workforce development customization

SCF’s Learning Institute is available to explore these solutions and more. Fill out a request to schedule your complimentary call today!

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