Leadership is critical in the field of health care. Good leadership can see an organization through difficult times, facilitate large-scale changes, and support the provision of high-quality health care. Through consulting with Southcentral Foundation’s Learning Institute, your organization’s leaders can learn the techniques that have brought SCF national and international recognition for leadership, quality of care, and customer and employee satisfaction.

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There are many different facets to leadership at SCF, and the Learning Institute can provide instruction on all of them, including but not limited to:

  • Leadership that allows for decision-making at all levels of the organization. At SCF, leadership has empowered employees to make quick change in response to customer-owner feedback, and SCF has built systems to facilitate this kind of quick action. This includes the Functional Committee Structure, a group of four standing committees with the ability to make change without always needing to consult senior leadership. The committees are made up of employees from across the organization and cover Operations, Quality Assurance, Quality Improvement, and Process Improvement.
  • Policies and procedures. SCF has a formal process for implementing and communicating policies across the organization. This process ensures that employees are always aware of areas where SCF requires certain action in response to regulations or customer concerns.
  • Training on communication and relationship-building techniques. SCF’s leadership takes a direct role in ensuring that the entire workforce is trained in how to communicate effectively and build relationships with customer-owners and each other. This includes regular offerings of SCF’s Core Concepts training, a training for all employees that is led by SCF’s President/CEO and other senior leaders and teaches how to share and receive story, as well as methods for good dialogue and productive conversations.
  • Motivating the workforce. SCF’s leadership places a priority on motivating the workforce to provide the best quality service possible. Methods for this include maintaining committees that analyze and act on employee feedback, and programs for employee recognition.
  • Ensuring alignment of work vision and mission. Through SCF’s strategic planning process and other means, SCF’s leadership ensures that all work done is in support of SCF’s vision and mission.

Solutions for your organization

SCF’s Learning Institute can provide consulting for your organization’s leaders, giving them the opportunity to learn directly from SCF’s senior leaders. These sessions may be in-person or virtual. They can cover any topics or areas of concern for your organization, and our leaders and subject matter experts are skilled at adapting lessons from SCF’s Nuka System of Care to the needs of your organization, such as:

  • Functional committee structures
  • Job descriptions
  • Workforce competencies
  • Learning and development solutions for leaders
  • Communications best practices
  • Succession planning
  • Relationship-based workforce solutions

Additionally, SCF’s Coaching and Mentoring Program, which is based on the Gestalt method, prepares SCF’s managers and leaders to support employees on topics such as performance management and individual learning and growth. The foundation of our coaching and mentoring approach is to support individuals in building on their strengths. Whether you’re a leader in an organization undergoing major change; a provider trying to better connect with your clinical team; a manager trying support employees; or simply someone who is seeking opportunities to foster healthy peer-to-peer relationships, an SCF Coach can support you. Coaching can be especially valuable for people new to leadership roles whose skills and responsibilities may not have previously included managing others, as well as those new to working in a team environment.

How we consult

Southcentral Foundation’s Learning Institute provides consulting solutions in a variety of ways, to best meet the needs of your organization, including:

  • On-site consulting at your location
  • Customized learning experiences on SCF’s campus in Anchorage, Alaska
  • Hourly virtual consulting sessions
  • Multi-year / multi-phase contract solutions
  • Government sole sourcing / no-bid contracting
  • Curriculum design and training / workforce development customization

SCF’s Learning Institute is available to explore these solutions and more. Fill out a request to schedule your complimentary call today!

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