Coaching and Mentoring Program Overview

The Learning Institute is pleased to offer the opportunity to participate in Southcentral Foundation’s Coaching and Mentoring Program. This program allows attendees to participate in the same coaching experience that SCF offers internally to its employees. SCF uses coaching to support the workforce and help them continuously learn and grow. The coaching is aimed at helping participants build on their strengths.

Coaching at SCF is based on the same relationship-based principles that SCF uses in working with customer-owners and that are woven into every facet of the organization. The Coaching and Mentoring program is taught in both large and small groups, with the smaller circles offering opportunities for discussion and for participants to hear different perspectives about the material being taught.

SCF’s certified coaches will cover topics on both performance management and individual learning and growth. After the coaching, participants will be able to:

  • Apply the concept of relational and strategic interactions to your communication with colleagues.
  • Utilize the Levels of Resistance model as a way to understand how individuals respond to change.
  • Develop skills for using coaching and mentoring skills every day.
  • Practice coaching and mentoring session with a volunteer and receive expert feedback.

The coaching program can be used for providers, to better connect with their clinical teams; managers and leaders (as well as HR and organizational development professionals), so they can support their employees and navigate performance management; and other employees who could benefit from a framework and set of tools that support effective workplace dialogue and healthy peer-to-peer relationships. For more information about the Coaching and Mentoring Program, contact the SCF Learning Institute. Registration is open, so click here to sign up for the program today!