Michelle Tierney presenting at Core Concepts

Good communication is key in a wide variety of fields, but none more so than health care. Care workers need to be able to communicate with customers and with each other, and sometimes these conversations can be difficult, particularly the ones with customers.

London Eye

Interest in SCF’s Nuka System of Care remains high throughout the world. Southcentral Foundation recently visited the United Kingdom to present a series of learning sessions about Nuka.

Group of people chatting on the stairs

Compassion fatigue is one of the biggest causes of burnout for individuals in the helping and healing professions. Those at risk can learn to identify the causes and symptoms, and develop a set of tools to avoid burnout.

Partner sharing at Core Concepts

The Nuka Health Care Innovations Conference is fast approaching! The conference will be held on October 23rd-24th at the Portland Art Museum in Portland, OR.