Southcentral Foundation has developed an approach to substance use treatment that differs from more standard treatment in significant ways. Where many traditional approaches to substance use treatment require that participants stop escaping from their lives through abstinence, while simultaneously hoping they will create a life from which they no longer want to escape, SCF’s approach refrains from this and instead works to empower customer-owners to improve their lives.

Southcentral Foundation is pleased to announce the Virtual Nuka Conference, which will be held from February 14-16, 2024.

Southcentral Foundation uses a budgeting process that is closely tied with strategic planning and takes into account the entire organization, with everything geared towards supporting the Vision and Mission.

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SCF’s Nuka Model combines several prediction models into a hybrid model to predict customer-owner primary care utilization over the next six-month time frame.

To support health care leaders in developing their skills, Southcentral Foundation is offering the Leadership Team Assessment and Workshop.

Southcentral Foundation is making a new opportunity available that is focused on building and maintaining high-performing teams: the Team Dynamics Workshop.

SCF has launched the Nuka Health podcast. Each episode of the podcast will go over a different aspect of SCF’s Nuka System of Care.

Southcentral Foundation would like to thank everyone who attended the annual Nuka System of Care conference. The conference was attended by more than 130 people from around the world.

Nuka Conference Attendees

Registration is open for SCF’s Nuka System of Care Conference, which offers a personal touch for health care improvement.

To support the sustainability of its integrated behavioral health systems and support other health care organizations in integrating behavioral services, SCF has created the Behavioral Health Integration Playbook.