Understanding Compassion Fatigue in Health Care

Compassion fatigue is one of the biggest causes of burnout for individuals in the helping and healing professions. Those at risk can learn to identify the causes and symptoms, and develop a set of tools to avoid burnout.


Nuka Health Care Innovations Conference: Learning Sessions

The Nuka Health Care Innovations Conference is fast approaching! The conference will be held on October 23rd-24th at the Portland Art Museum in Portland, OR.


Wellness Planning for High-Needs Health Care Users: A Collaborative Approach

physician and customer-owner wellness planning for behavioral health

Many health care organizations are looking for ways to better serve “high-needs” patients, i.e., patients who make a lot of visits to the health care system. At SCF, we favor a collaborative, relationship-based approach to working with “high-needs” customer-owners.


Dr. Thomas Bodenheimer: Nuka Health Care Innovations Conference Keynote Speaker

Dr. Thomas Bodenheimer

On October 23rd-24th, Southcentral Foundation is hosting its first-ever health conference in Oregon, the Nuka Health Care Innovations Conference.


Masterclasses in London

London Skyline

Southcentral Foundation is offering masterclasses in London on October 5th. These masterclasses will offer participants insight into SCF’s world-renowned Nuka System of Care, which has improved health outcomes for SCF patients (who are called “customer-owners” at SCF) while also reducing costs.


History of SCF’s Traditional Healing Clinic

Traditional healing history, elder and boy

Southcentral Foundation Board Member Sophia Chase was one of the major advocates for SCF to establish a traditional healing clinic. There has also been a consistent, huge demand from customer-owners for these services.


Upcoming Nuka Trainings Outside of Alaska

Group of people in Core Concepts, Nuka trainings outside of Alaska

Southcentral Foundation has several upcoming Nuka trainings outside of Alaska, which provide an opportunity to learn about SCF’s Malcolm Baldrige Award-winning Nuka System of Care for people who may have previously been unable to do so due to the time or expense involved in traveling to Alaska.


Onboarding Programs that Support an Organization’s Mission and Vision


As part of our whole system transformation, Southcentral Foundation has customized and implemented an onboarding process that has several goals. The onboarding process is aimed at supporting SCF’s mission and vision, increasing employee retention and satisfaction, and promoting career development throughout the workforce.


Data That is Driven and Owned by the Customer – My AK Wellness

Women on treadmill, My AK Wellness

Southcentral Foundation’s methods of data collection, as well as how SCF uses data for improvement, have been previously discussed on this blog. However, SCF also makes tools available to customer-owners so that they can use data for their benefit as well. One of these tools is My AK Wellness.


Providing High Quality Care in Remote Locations

Women on telephone

In addition to serving customer-owners in the Anchorage and Mat-Su Valley area, Southcentral Foundation is responsible for providing care to customer-owners in many rural villages at various locations in Alaska. Many factors can combine to make providing care in these villages challenging.