Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) is a serious problem faced by many combat veterans and first responders. To help deal with this problem, Southcentral Foundation has implemented the Soldier’s Heart program. Soldier’s Heart is a training and education program developed by veterans for first responders, combat veterans, and law enforcement to help them understand and address the effects of PTS and provide information, tools, and methods to help cope with symptoms.

Southcentral Foundation’s Learning Institute works with health care organizations around the world, both tribal and non-tribal, to help them improve their systems and service offerings. Following is information about a selection of tribal clients the SCF Learning Institute has consulted with, and a brief summary of the work done for each:

Southcentral Foundation’s system redesign has greatly improved quality of care, and SCF has sustained these improvements for almost two decades. Following are three tips for health care system redesign that SCF used to support the system transformation that established the Nuka System of Care:

SCF has piloted a new program with the support of the engaged and passionate Alaska Native community—a customer-owner panel for physician recruitment.

Southcentral Foundation is working with the State of Alaska’s Office of Substance Misuse and Addiction Prevention (OSMAP) to offer several sessions of Core Concepts: Addressing Compassion in Challenging Environments at various locations in Alaska.

SCF has implemented a process for finding opportunities to improve integrated care team efficiency, satisfaction, and the customer experience.

Southcentral Foundation would like to thank everyone who attended the 9th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference. Over 130 people attended the conference this year, coming from all over Alaska, the United States, and other countries such as Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

Southcentral Foundation is pleased to announce that the 9th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference begins today!

Registration is open for Southcentral Foundation’s 9th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference, as well as the pre-conference Core Concepts session.

Southcentral Foundation has developed a comprehensive approach to data collection, analysis, and usage that is built around a strong focus on relationships.