Onboarding Programs that Support an Organization’s Mission and Vision


As part of our whole system transformation, Southcentral Foundation has customized and implemented an onboarding process that has several goals. The onboarding process is aimed at supporting SCF’s mission and vision, increasing employee retention and satisfaction, and promoting career development throughout the workforce.


Data That is Driven and Owned by the Customer – My AK Wellness

Southcentral Foundation’s methods of data collection, as well as how SCF uses data for improvement, have been previously discussed on this blog. However, SCF also makes tools available to customer-owners so that they can use data for their benefit as well. One of these tools is My AK Wellness.


Providing High Quality Care in Remote Locations

In addition to serving customer-owners in the Anchorage and Mat-Su Valley area, Southcentral Foundation is responsible for providing care to customer-owners in many rural villages at various locations in Alaska. Many factors can combine to make providing care in these villages challenging.


SCF’s Operational Principles


Southcentral Foundation is continually striving to realize its vision and execute its mission, and is assisted in this by several elements of its corporate structure. One of these is SCF’s Operational Principles.


Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of Care: Traditional Healing at Southcentral Foundation

Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of Care

Southcentral Foundation’s vision is a Native Community that enjoys physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. SCF works with customer-owners to ensure that all of those aspects of wellness are achieved.

Facility Design in the Nuka System of Care

Anchorage Native Primary Care Center

Southcentral Foundation’s facilities are designed to be beautiful and to reflect Alaska Native culture, with spaces for the display of Alaska Native art. SCF’s facility design also promotes focus on relationships, not only with customer-owners, but also between employees.

The 7th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference Begins Today!

Nuka Conference 2017

Southcentral Foundation’s 7th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference begins today! The conference begins with the pre-conference Core Concepts session, which will run from Monday through Wednesday, followed by the general conference on Thursday and Friday.

7th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference Sponsors

Nuka System of Care

Southcentral Foundation would like to express our thanks to three organizations which have chosen to sponsor this year’s Nuka System of Care Conference: Cerner Corporation, Wells Fargo, and Parker, Smith & Feek.

7th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference Overview

Katherine Gottlieb

On June 19, the 7th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference will begin! There is still time to sign up for the conference and learn about what has made Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka System of Care one of the world’s leading health care systems, so reserve your place today!

Recruiting and Behavioral Based Interviewing at Southcentral Foundation

Behavioral Based Interviewing

Hiring is critically important for health care organizations. Recruiting the right people can go a long way toward ensuring the success of health care services and programs. However, recruiting can be difficult for health care organizations, and Southcentral Foundation has certainly faced challenges in this area.