Southcentral Foundation is pleased to announce that the 9th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference begins today!

Registration is open for Southcentral Foundation’s 9th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference, as well as the pre-conference Core Concepts session.

Southcentral Foundation has developed a comprehensive approach to data collection, analysis, and usage that is built around a strong focus on relationships.

Southcentral Foundation has implemented the Administrative Support Training Program to help ensure a smooth customer experience and assist with the provision of quality care.

Southcentral Foundation has come up with an approach to pain treatment that takes advantage of SCF’s system of integrated care and uses traditional Alaska Native values to support customer-owners, with an emphasis on early recognition of the diagnosis and interdisciplinary treatment to avoid development of complex chronic pain syndromes and addiction to opioids.

SCF is excited to welcome attendees from around the world to learn how our Nuka System of Care has improved health outcomes, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction. Read about Keynote Speakers Derek Feeley and Katherine Gottlieb.


Southcentral Foundation’s Integrated Care Teams build strong relationships with customer-owners in order to provide more effective care which addresses their unique health needs and helps them achieve overall wellness.

integrated care team pharmacist

Integrated Care Teams are flexible, and other health care providers can be added to the care team as they are needed. Learn about the roles and responsibilities of a dietician, pharmacist, and behavioral health consultant.

integrated care teams roles responsibilities

At Southcentral Foundation, primary care is provided through Integrated Care Teams (ICTs). The core members of an ICT are a primary care provider, nurse case manager, certified medical assistant, and case management support. Learn about the roles and responsibilities of each core team member.

How to effectively manage employee performance is an important question, no less so in health care than any other industry. A strategy that gives employees the chance to innovate and helps them develop professional skills while keeping work focused on the mission and vision of the organization can help an organization tremendously.