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In order to support sustainability of its own ICTs, as well as help other healthcare organizations implement and improve integrated care teams, SCF has created the Integrated Care Teams Playbook.

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One key method for building trust is to make changes to the system based on customer-owner feedback, and then communicate that the changes were made so that customer-owners can see their feedback shaping the system.

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Family Wellness Warriors is a community- and peer-driven model that uses the power of story to break the silence of trauma.

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Southcentral Foundation is pleased to announce that registration is open for the Virtual Nuka Winter Conference!


Care across the spectrum of life is something Southcentral Foundation emphasizes. It is never too early, nor too late, to support customer-owners in realizing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

SCF’s New Generations project aims to optimize the effectiveness of services that support families in the preparation for and care of new generations.

Southcentral Foundation’s Learning Institute has made a library of SCF documents available for download. This library originally contained documents detailing different aspects of SCF’s COVID-19 response, but has since expanded to include documents on more general topics.

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One of the major ways SCF works to support whole-person wellness in customer-owners is through integrated behavioral health.

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Southcentral Foundation is hosting the Fall Nuka Conference, our first in-person conference since 2019! The conference will take place on September 20-21, 2021 at SCF’s campus in Anchorage, Alaska.

READI approach to change management

Southcentral Foundation’s facilities are designed to maximize efficiency, support relationship-based care, and reflect the Alaska Native culture and values that make up SCF’s Nuka System of Care. However, SCF’s facilities were not always the way they are today. Following are three phases SCF went through in redesigning its facilities to support its new relationship-based care system.