Southcentral Foundation would like to thank everyone who attended the annual Nuka System of Care conference. The conference was attended by more than 130 people from around the world.

Nuka Conference Attendees

Registration is open for SCF’s Nuka System of Care Conference, which offers a personal touch for health care improvement.

To support the sustainability of its integrated behavioral health systems and support other health care organizations in integrating behavioral services, SCF has created the Behavioral Health Integration Playbook.

Southcentral Foundation will be participating in the National Tribal Health Conference in Anchorage, Alaska from May 1st-5th.

SCF practices the philosophy of shared responsibility at the community level, through tribal health councils that take a leadership role in health care for the communities they represent.

In an effort to maximize access to care and minimize strain to the Emergency Department, SCF provides care to customer owners through the Fast Track, a department within Emergency Services at the Alaska Native Medical Center.

The Virtual Nuka Conference will be held from February 15-17, 2023, with a session of SCF’s Introduction to Core Concepts held beforehand, from February 13-14.

Don Berwick

Southcentral Foundation forms partnerships with external organizations to learn best practices and innovations that we can adapt into our system.

Tracking System Performance graphic

Southcentral Foundation uses the President/CEO Scorecard to track the performance of the Nuka System of Care.

Two people doing administrative training

Southcentral Foundation has specific training for administrative support staff to invest in the workforce and provide a better customer experience.