The 5 Most Adopted Ideas From SCF’s Nuka System of Care

The high quality of care present in SCF’s Nuka System of Care has generated interest from around the world, with over 150 organizations so far learning from SCF about various aspects of Nuka. Earlier this year, the SCF Learning Institute surveyed organizations that have learned from SCF to see what changes they had made based on what they learned. People from 44 organizations responded to the survey. Following are the 5 ideas from SCF’s Nuka System of Care that other organizations have adopted the most:

  • Core Concepts Elements. SCF’s Core Concepts training teaches communication skills that allow providers to form strong relationships with customers, thereby improving their care. These communication skills also help employees work together in teams, and can aid in bringing a variety of perspectives to problem-solving in an organization. This was the most popular element of Nuka that was implemented by other organizations.
  • Behavioral Health. SCF has redesigned behavioral health to improve access for customer-owners and integrate behavioral services with primary care. This has improved the customer experience and resulted in improved care overall. Many organizations have taken lessons from SCF’s behavioral health system back to their own organizations. Download our white paper and learn about SCF’s integrated behavioral health approach.
  • Leadership and Governance. SCF’s approach to leadership, which is fully driven by customer-owners, has been of interest to many organizations. They have taken many lessons from SCF’s leadership, including the way responsibility is shared throughout the organization and how leadership is flexible and responsive to concerns voiced by customer-owners.
  • Integrated Care. Primary care at SCF is provided by fully integrated care teams, consisting of a primary care provider, nurse case manager, certified medical assistant, and case management support. Care teams are flexible and can have other providers added as needed by the customer-owner. Many organizations have looked to SCF for inspiration as they move to more integrated systems.
  • Improvement and Innovation. SCF is constantly looking for ways to improve its systems and processes to make them work better for customer-owners. As with leadership, the process of improvement at SCF is driven by customer-owners, with them directing all change that is made. Employees have the flexibility to make changes in response to customer-owner concerns, and what works well in one part of the organization is studied to see if it can be applied elsewhere.

Organizations have also adopted ideas and systems from many other areas of SCF’s Nuka System of Care. Feel free to contact the SCF Learning Institute for information on how to learn about the above-listed areas, or any other aspect of Nuka!