Onboarding Programs that Support an Organization’s Mission and Vision

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As part of our whole system transformation, Southcentral Foundation has customized and implemented an onboarding process that has several goals. The onboarding process is aimed at supporting SCF’s mission and vision, increasing employee retention and satisfaction, and promoting career development throughout the workforce. SCF’s onboarding programs help employees understand the corporate culture at SCF, establish a sense of belonging and connectedness with the organization and their co-workers, and communicate expectations, which helps decrease the learning curve for employees.

Onboarding at SCF begins with New Hire Orientation (NHO), which is a 3.5 day program that all employees go through regardless of what position they have been hired for. NHO consists of several training modules, all of which have SCF’s mission and vision woven throughout them. One full day of NHO is dedicated to customer service and cultural awareness; even employees who do not normally deal directly with customers are taught these skills just in case they should ever need them. Also, new employees participate in a cultural exchange, where they have the opportunity to share a piece of their culture with others in the group.

After NHO, administrative support employees go through a specialized eight-week training: the Administrative Support Training Program (ASTP). ASTP has a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything administrative support personnel will need to know in their jobs, from computer training to relationship and customer service skills. The training has a strong focus on interpersonal skills and comprehensive professional development.

Another training for SCF employees is our Core Concepts training. This is a training that all SCF employees participate in after approximately six months working for SCF. It is led by SCF’s President/CEO and teaches employees how they impact others, how to articulate their story from the heart, how to understand their personal and professional aspirations, and methods for good dialogue and productive conversations. The training is aimed at helping employees build the strong relationships that are at the core of SCF’s Nuka System of Care.

SCF also has many other training programs, such as our CMA/LPN training, Case Management Support training, RN internship, and more. These programs have helped SCF achieve 93 percent employee satisfaction.

More information on SCF’s onboarding programs can be found in our on-demand webinar.