Thank you to all who attended our 2017 NUKA HEALTHCARE INNOVATION MASTERCLASSES in London

Program Overview

The Nuka Masterclasses feature practical and inspirational “lessons learned” from Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka System of Care, a community-led, relationship-based approach to transforming health care, improving outcomes and reducing costs. Health care professionals from all over the world have visited Nuka in Anchorage, Alaska. Many in the UK have sought opportunities to learn best practices closer to home. Nuka is now offering Masterclasses in London!

Nuka has pioneered a multi-disciplinary team-based approach to primary care which changes the general practitioner role dramatically. Discover how Nuka redesigned work flow and roles to integrate behaviorists, dieticians, pharmacists and midwives to provide whole person care. Learn population-based case management practices that foster relationships, integrates chronic and preventative care, emphasizes shared responsibility, and reduces costs. Examine workforce development best practices and take away tools for facilitating change while balancing the needs of patients and employees.

People Who Benefit from Attendance

Healthcare leaders, providers, and innovators who areinvested in accountable care models, team-based care, innovative workforce development solutions, and change management techniques. Those who would benefit include general practitioners and teams, nurses, mental health and social care providers, consultants, and academic and international healthcare professionals.


“(United States health care) costs are too high, our quality is too low. Nuka’s reversed that. It’s among the highest quality of care I’ve ever seen in the world.”

“I saw [at Nuka] that through a shared vision, key goals and staff and patients alike sharing the culture, the teams in Alaska had developed a truly integrated way of working and whilst it’s not feasible to a ‘copy and paste’ with their model here in the UK, there is definitely a number of things we can replicate and use in our local hubs to seriously help  more people within our local communities.”

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Kings Fund case study and video interviews, with a foreword by Dr. Don Berwick, aims to inspire commissioners and providers in the English NHS embarking on whole-system redesign

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Based on SCF’s Nuka System of Care and the first of its kind in Wales, a pioneering health service in Prestatyn run by Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board launches

Introducing Nuka in Scotland: Reflections of a scrambled innovator

International Futures Forum’s Primary Care Development Advisor Maxine Jones describes the challenges of transforming health care in the UK and possible solutions using the Nuka model

Helping create “Wellness Warriors”: Primary Care for remote Alaska Native Communities

After working as a General Practitioner in Surrey for 10 years, SCF Primary Care Provider Sarah Dobbs shares lessons learned

GCU Student Stories: Kylie Fagan, PhD student and Magnusson Award winner

Student Kylie Fagan explains why she chose to focus her PhD on Nuka System of Care: to find a viable solution for health care in Scotland