Registration for 9th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference is Open!

Registration for Southcentral Foundation’s 9th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference is now open! Come learn the techniques that have allowed SCF to twice win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for performance excellence.

The general conference will take place from June 20-21, 2019, at SCF’s campus in Anchorage, Alaska. Keynote speakers will be Derek Feeley, President and CEO of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

The conference offers over 30 sessions in five major topic areas:

  • Leadership. Learn how SCF practices community-driven leadership, with customer-owners at the forefront of organizational change.
  • Medical Services. Learn how SCF offers care that is fully integrated, builds strong relationships with customer-owners, and engages customer-owners as active partners in their care.
  • Behavioral Services. Learn how SCF has fully integrated behavioral health providers into primary care clinics, and how Nuka’s system of relationship-based care extends to behavioral care as well.
  • Improvement and Innovation. Learn how SCF collects and uses data to ensure that improvements are made according to what customer-owners want to see, and how SCF encourages innovation at all levels of the organization.
  • Workforce Development. Learn how SCF practices “right-fit” hiring to recruit for positions, and how SCF uses employee training and development to keep the workforce engaged and avoid burnout.

Also available is a pre-conference session of SCF’s Core Concepts training. Core Concepts teaches the communication techniques that assist SCF’s providers in offering the relationship-based care that has improved health outcomes for customer-owners while also reducing costs. Core Concepts is taught by SCF subject matter experts who work in the Nuka System of Care, and is led by SCF’s President/CEO.

A discounted rate is available for early registration for both the pre-conference and the general conference, so register for the 9th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference now! We look forward to seeing you in Anchorage next summer!