Tracking System Performance: Southcentral Foundation’s President/CEO Scorecard

Every health care system needs a method for tracking and reporting its performance over time. Data on system performance can be used for many purposes including but not limited to making improvements, choosing new programs to implement, and setting long-term direction for the system. Southcentral Foundation uses the President/CEO Scorecard to track the performance of the Nuka System of Care. The scorecard is prepared annually and reviewed by Southcentral Foundation’s Board of Directors so they can take appropriate action based upon it.

The President/CEO Scorecard is divided into four sections, based upon SCF’s Corporate Goals: Shared Responsibility, Commitment to Quality, Family Wellness, and Operational Excellence. Following is a brief overview of those four sections:

  • Shared Responsibility. This section is based on customer satisfaction data that SCF obtains through surveys of customer-owners. The overall customer satisfaction rating is presented, as are the ratings for other satisfaction-related questions SCF asks, such as if customer-owners are involved in decisions about their care, or if customer-owner culture and traditions are respected.
  • Commitment to Quality. This section is based on SCF’s employee satisfaction data, which is collected through the annual Employee Engagement Survey. The overall employee satisfaction score is presented, as well as a detailed breakdown of key items from the survey. The section also includes information on training that SCF provides to employees.
  • Family Wellness. This section is based on eleven health-related performance metrics that SCF tracks. Examples include cervical cancer screening, diabetes HBA1C screening, pediatric immunizations, and use of opioids at high doses. Information on each metric is included, as well as whether SCF met, exceeded, or fell short of the Healthcare Effectiveness Data Information Set (HEDIS) benchmark for it (which is compared nationally).
  • Operational Excellence. This section is based on SCF’s financial status over the past year. An overview of SCF’s revenue and expenditures is included.

All of these sections give the Board of Directors a picture of how SCF is performing, where things are going well, and where improvements need to be made. For more information about the President/CEO Scorecard, or any aspect of how SCF tracks system performance, feel free to contact the SCF Learning Institute.