Improvement and Innovation: READI, Set, Go!

Anchorage, Alaska

During this training, you will discover the Nuka System of Care interpersonal and strategic approach to improvement and innovation. You will work through an improvement project as part of a team using SCF READI approach, and take home an improvement and change management toolbox.  This class is taught in small class sizes with opportunities to receive peer and subject matter expert feedback as well as professional coaching.


  • Develop awareness of your individual relational style and energy during the improvement process.
  • Navigate difficult conversations and conflict that stem from team dynamics.
  • Establish an approach to change management, improvement and innovation.
  • Apply skills and knowledge learned during the course to improvements within your own organization.

Each day we will emphasize a phase of our READI approach to managing change and innovation.

Phase 1:
eaching Understanding

Day one we will explore SCF’s foundational health care quality approach to improvement, and how our Baldrige journey, and other models have informed our Nuka System of Care. Understanding the impact of change on individuals, teams and organizations is essential to supporting employees during times of transformation. We will become agents of change, and learn to navigate change as part of our organization’s culture of improvement.

Phase 2:
stablishing Relationships

Day two we will identify our relational styles and learn several communication techniques for facilitation change discussions and managing conflict. We will navigate team dynamics and their impacts on moving projects forward, and utilize SCF’s project team charter as a method and a tool for establishing roles, managing scope and defining outcomes.

Phase 3:
ssessment of Gaps/Possibilities

Day three we will look at how SCF transforms data into information as part of the improvement process. We will compare current state to future state and identify the gaps/possibilities located between the two. We will practice defining measures and initiate an improvement cycle with measurable outcomes.

Phase 4:
eveloping and Implementing an Action Plan

Day four we will examine our quality improvement tool box, discuss the uses of various tools and when each tool is most effective. You will have an opportunity to practice utilizing the tools with a current or future project. On day four we will begin our group case study project, and you will spend time working on a real improvement project and meeting with department/division level leadership at SCF.

Phase 5:
ntegrating Solutions and Evaluating Results

Day 5 will conclude the case study projects and each group will present their findings to the class. You will also have an opportunity to work individually on a project for your organization utilizing the READI model, and receive coaching from an SCF improvement advisor.

Please contact us if you are interested in this training.


  • Quality improvement staff
  • Organization development staff
  • Human resources and learning & development staff
  • Managers and clinical leaders
  • Anyone involved in initiating, measuring and/or sustaining gain at their organization

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