The 7th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference Begins Today!

Southcentral Foundation’s 7th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference begins today! The conference begins with the pre-conference Core Concepts session, which will run from Monday through Wednesday, followed by the general conference on Thursday and Friday.

Core Concepts is a training that all SCF employees take, and it has been called the “secret sauce” of SCF’s Nuka System of Care. The training helps participants develop the skills needed to offer the relationship-focused care that is the core of Nuka. As a participant in Core Concepts, you will:

  • Understand how you impact others by:
    • Understanding your relational style
    • Understanding how your experiences contribute to how you approach others
  • Learn how to articulate your story from the heart:
    • Understand the power of empathy and compassion for yourself and others
  • Understand your personal and professional aspirations:
    • Opportunity to align your aspirations, intentions, and behaviors
    • Understand how you can create shared vision
  • Learn methods for good dialogue and productive conversations:
    • Understand the impact of intentions
    • Understand how to listen effectively
    • Understand how good dialogue and productive conversations will affect your work environment
    • Explore tools for having good conversations

Participants should be present for all three days of the training and able to fully participate from 8 am to 5 pm each day. You are encouraged to take off your work hat; the training is for personal and professional development. Use the time to focus on you.

We look forward to seeing you, and we hope you will enjoy Core Concepts, and the general conference that follows.