8th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference: Five Central Content Areas

The 8th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference is fast approaching! The previous article on this blog gave an overview of the conference, including the three keynote speakers. In addition to the keynotes, a wide variety of plenary and concurrent sessions are available on five central content areas, each showcasing different aspects of SCF’s Nuka System of Care.

Below, we’ve listed five central content areas and what attendees will learn from the plenary and concurrent sessions that are available during the 8th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference.

1. Leadership

  • Engage the community in the health care system, incorporating customer feedback and ensuring that the system meets their needs
  • Practice leadership principles that build a culture of ownership on the part of employees and customers, and ensure that the organization remains committed to its mission and vision
  • Build a strong, transparent relationship between senior leadership and the organization’s governing body that helps in setting direction for the organization and achieving high-level goals

2. Medical Services

  • Build integrated care teams that deliver care efficiently and allow care workers to operate at the top of their license, engaging everyone in the care team with the health of customer-owners
  • Practice population-based case management that builds relationships between providers and customer-owners, and improves the health of whole communities with a focus on overall wellness, rather than just treating problems as they arise
  • Provide medication-assisted treatment to combat opioid addiction and aid in the management of chronic pain
  • Practice culturally appropriate care that engages customers

3. Behavioral Services

  • Integrate behavioral health providers into primary care systems, to help address customer-owner behavioral needs quickly and assist providers with complicated cases
  • Operate learning circles to provide effective support for customer-owner personal growth and wellness, and help them deal with issues such as anxiety, grief, and substance recovery
  • Apply principles from SCF’s Family Wellness Warriors Initiative to help people who have suffered from domestic violence, child sexual abuse, and child neglect

4. Data and Improvement

  • Learn effective practices for data collection, as well as ways to turn data into actionable information for making improvements to systems and processes
  • Integrate improvement work into every aspect of an organization, and make continuous improvement a part of organizational culture through specific tools
  • Effectively capture customer feedback and ensure that it is used to drive improvement through the organization

5. Human Resources

  • Recruit employees who are the best fit for the organization, reduce turnover, and ensure that workforce competencies are aligned with the organization’s mission and vision
  • Provide training and opportunities for employee development that will help employees grow in their roles in the organization and ensure that customer needs are met
  • Manage change while balancing the needs of customers and employees, and ensuring that the organization can implement needed system reforms and improvements

Signups are still open for the conference, and discounts are available for tribal organizations and large groups. Sign up for the 8th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference today!