COVID-19 Response Documents Now Available from Southcentral Foundation

Southcentral Foundation’s Learning Institute has been working to share elements of SCF’s COVID-19 response in the hope that other health care organizations may benefit from SCF’s experience. The Nuka Approach to COVID-19 white paper, which is currently available on the Learning Institute’s website, gives a high-level overview of SCF’s COVID-19 response. Now, the Learning Institute is making available a selection of documents detailing various aspects of how SCF has been addressing COVID-19. Access is free for all who are interested.

Following are a few examples of documents available:

  • Anchorage Native News, Special Edition, April 2020. The Anchorage Native News is SCF’s newsletter for customer-owners and the public providing organizational updates, community engagement, and shared stories. This special edition contains information both about how SCF is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, and how customer-owners can keep themselves and their families safe. This document provides an example of external communication practices by SCF during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • ANPCC Re-Opening Plan. This document details the phases of SCF’s re-opening plan for the Anchorage Native Primary Care Center. It provides a detailed look at what is required for each phase of re-opening, and the steps leadership and employees are taking to ensure the safety of each other and customer-owners.
  • Video Teleconference Visit Workflow. This document provides information in a flowchart format for how to set up a video conference between a provider and a customer-owner.

Many more documents are available on the subjects of leadership, clinical operations and care delivery, business operations, infrastructure, and workforce. The archive can be found here. And if you have any questions about any of the documents, or other aspects of SCF’s COVID-19 response, contact the SCF Learning Institute. Also, feel free to share information about your organization’s response in the comments below.