Virtual Consulting Opportunities from the Southcentral Foundation Learning Institute

With the COVID-19 pandemic limiting opportunities for in-person consultation, Southcentral Foundation’s Learning Institute has launched a suite of virtual consulting opportunities. These virtual consultations are arranged on an hourly basis, and offer the opportunity to connect with SCF subject matter experts on a variety of topics. Following are some examples of subjects on which consultations are available:

  • Primary Care Solutions. SCF’s subject matter experts can offer solutions for both the clinical and operational aspects of the provision of primary health care. Topics covered could include team-based care practices, communication tools for both customers and other care team members, best practices for integrating behavioral health, data collection and reporting, and many others.
  • Strategic Planning. SCF’s subject matter experts can assist in developing a strategic planning toolkit to assist in the annual planning cycle. Topics covered could include committee planning structure, strategic work plan templates, the quarterly and annual reporting process, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis, approaches to improvement, and many others.
  • Workforce Development. These consultations can assist in creating a customized workforce development approach. Topics covered could include right-fit hire best practices, centralized interview processes, onboarding, workforce development trainings, and many others.
  • Community Engagement. These consultations can assist in engaging customers and the community to better health outcomes. Topics covered could include methods for data collection and delivery, standardized survey processes, policies and procedures to support survey delivery, measurement and data analysis, action planning support, and many others.

Custom consulting packages in each area are available based on your level of need. All consultation is delivered virtually, through phone and video conferencing. For more information about virtual consulting opportunities, contact the SCF Learning Institute today!