Nuka Healthcare Innovation Masterclasses in London

  • London Skyline

Southcentral Foundation is offering masterclasses in London on October 5th. These masterclasses will offer participants insight into SCF’s world-renowned Nuka System of Care, which has improved health outcomes for SCF patients (who are called “customer-owners” at SCF) while also reducing costs. For people located in the UK or other European countries, these masterclasses offer an opportunity for people to learn about Nuka when they may previously have been unable to travel to Alaska. The masterclasses will take place at No. 11 Cavendish Square, in Marylebone, London.

The masterclasses will open with a welcome and an overview of the Nuka System of Care and the process of system transformation by which SCF established it. Nuka was created through community engagement; the Alaska Native and American Indian people SCF serves shaped the system during its creation. And SCF has continued to engage the community ever since, with customer-owners directing improvement at the organization. The overview will cover how SCF engages the community through customer-ownership, how customer-ownership improves health outcomes, and how SCF drives change, including successes and challenges in this area.

Following will be a session on best practices for improving population health through primary care. The focus here will be on SCF’s integrated care teams (ICT). SCF uses ICTs to provide care to customer-owners; each team consists of a primary care provider, nurse case manager, certified medical assistant, and case management support. This session will go over the roles of each team member, how SCF’s integrated system works to support population health, and how SCF encourages teamwork and customer-driven care.

In the afternoon, attendees will be able to choose between two concurrent sessions. The first is a session on workforce development. This will feature information on SCF’s relationship-based approach to workforce development, and how SCF uses workforce competencies to support the organization’s mission and vision. Also covered will be SCF’s onboarding programs and the way they support employee retention and teamwork.

The second concurrent session will cover change management and how to sustain improvement. Topics will include how to use the voice of the customer to drive improvement, how SCF uses its strategic approach to improvement to stay focused on its mission and vision, and best practices for supporting employees in bringing large-scale change.

The masterclasses will finish with a closing plenary on building a bridge to the future.