Surgeon General Visits Southcentral Foundation

Dr. Jerome Adams, the United States Surgeon General, visited Southcentral Foundation this week. Dr. Adams toured the Benteh Nuutah Valley Native Primary Care Center, the Alaska Native Medical Center, and the Anchorage Native Primary Care Center. Dr. Adams received a firsthand look at SCF’s primary care clinics, and insight into how SCF works with customer-owners and supports them on their journey toward wellness.

Dr. Adams said that one of the things that stood out for him from his visit to SCF was that the care provided here is, “not just about delivering a service, it’s about really meeting the needs of the individual.” He was also impressed by SCF’s integration of services, saying “I’ve not seen anything like this across the country. I can see why SCF has won awards for the care that they’re providing.”

See the video for a brief interview with Dr. Adams where he discusses his thoughts about SCF’s Nuka System of Care. For more information about customer-ownership, health care as a shared responsibility, integration of services, and more, contact the SCF Learning Institute.