Performance Development Plans at Southcentral Foundation

How to effectively manage employee performance is an important question, no less so in health care than any other industry. A strategy that gives employees the chance to innovate and helps them develop professional skills while keeping work focused on the mission and vision of the organization can help an organization tremendously.

Southcentral Foundation has developed a system for managing employee performance that uses SCF’s strengths to help employees grow in their roles and ensure that they have the support they need to work effectively in their jobs.

At SCF, after an employee’s annual evaluation, they are assigned a Performance Development Plan (PDP) by their manager. This PDP is created by the manager with input from departmental leadership and the employee him/herself. It is intended to shape work goals for the employee in the year ahead, and is a key component of the employee’s next evaluation.

performance development plan chain

PDPs are comprised of four core competencies that support SCF’s mission and vision.

Customer Care and Relationships

Customer Care and Relationships covers how employees create, develop, and nurture culturally appropriate interactions with customers, other employees, and the community. This competency reinforces the importance of providing excellent service to customer-owners and others within SCF.

Communications and Teamwork

Communications and Teamwork covers how employees share and receive information, opinions, concerns, and feedback in a supportive manner. It also covers how they work collaboratively with team members within departments and across the organization. This competency reinforces the importance of keeping lines of communication open with customers and within the organization to improve efficiency and ensure that customer-owner needs are met.

Improvement and Innovation

Improvement and Innovation covers how employees make meaningful improvement to services, programs, and processes that create new value for customer-owners and employees. It also covers how they actively support and participate in their department/program. This competency helps SCF create an environment where innovation is fostered and encouraged, helping the organization develop to better serve customer-owners.

Workforce Development Skills and Abilities

Workforce Development Skills and Abilities covers how employees seek out additional learning opportunities to continue to develop the technical and professional skills they need, and how they take responsibility for all work activities and personal actions by following through on commitments. This competency helps SCF maintain a workforce that has the necessary skills to work effectively with customer-owners and maintain a high standard of quality.

These core competencies are criteria expected of the entire workforce at SCF, while PDPs narrow these competencies into specific work items for individual employees, and provide criteria for employee evaluation.

For more information on PDPs, or any other aspect of SCF’s workforce practices, contact the SCF Learning Institute today!