Returning to In-Person Core Concepts

Returning to In-Person Core Concepts

Southcentral Foundation has recently returned to holding in-person Core Concepts trainings. Core Concepts is a training designed to support health care employees in building relationships with customer-owners and each other, which leads to better health care. The COVID-19 pandemic forced SCF to suspend Core Concepts, but with case numbers declining in Anchorage and COVID-19 vaccinations now available, SCF resumed Core Concepts sessions earlier this year. By taking precautions, including physical distancing, mask requirements, and building cleanliness measures, we have been able to safely provide this training to our employees.

The Core Concepts Workshop has been an important part of building the culture of relationship at SCF. The tools practiced in this employee training help build healthy relationships at work, at home and with the people we serve. It was particularly difficult to stop the trainings during COVID. Restarting them has been a unique opportunity to reconnect and support each other as we navigate a new normal.

-Leanndra Ross, Core Concepts Facilitator

SCF has now hosted two sessions of in-person Core Concepts, with more on the way in the coming weeks and months. Survey data from the initial sessions is still pending, but anecdotal information indicates that participants were excited to return to in-person Core Concepts and being able to build relationships with their co-workers, as well as learn and practice the communication skills for building relationships with customer-owners.

It was great to lead a Learning Circle in-person again. I really appreciated being able to hear the stories of my co-workers, and I’m struck by the resilience of our community.

-Anita Ashmore, Core Concepts Learning Circle Leader

SCF will be offering a session of Core Concepts as a pre-conference workshop at the upcoming Nuka Conference. See here for more information, and if you have any questions about Core Concepts or the steps SCF is taking to ensure the training is held safely, feel free to contact the SCF Learning Institute.