SCF Learning Institute Document Library

Southcentral Foundation’s Learning Institute has made a library of SCF documents available for download. This library originally contained documents detailing different aspects of SCF’s COVID-19 response, but has since expanded to include documents on more general topics. Documents are available in six categories, detailed below:

  • Leadership. These documents are a sampling of communication from SCF’s leadership to employees, customer-owners, and the community about SCF’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Clinical Operations and Care Delivery. These documents contain information about workflows, procedures, and other resources that SCF uses in operating its clinics and providing care for customer-owners.
  • Business Operations. These documents contain information about non-clinical operations at SCF, including procedures for remote work and actions to take if someone has COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Infrastructure. These documents detail technical processes SCF uses, such as for its Functional Committee Structure (which is responsible for high-level decision-making at SCF).
  • Workforce. These documents contain information SCF provides to employees on a variety of topics such as working remotely and how to maintain wellness in isolation.
  • Job Descriptions. These are job descriptions for members of SCF’s Integrated Care Teams.

If you would like to access or have any questions about any of the documents, feel free to contact the SCF Learning Institute.