Supercharge Your Team With Team Performance Training!

Southcentral Foundation’s Learning Institute is offering another session of SCF’s Team Performance Training to external organizations. The Team Performance Training is designed to help individuals and teams achieve better team dynamics and performance. These skills are particularly valuable in the field of health care, where many different providers often need to work together on customer cases; however, workers in many other industries can also benefit from this team-based training.

SCF’s Team Performance Training is delivered virtually and takes place over one month, totaling 16 hours. Participants can work at their own pace, with coursework being updated each Monday. Forums are available so that participants can talk with others taking the training, and two optional live sessions are offered, where participants can ask questions of SCF subject matter experts.

The training curriculum covers the following four major topic areas:

  • Self-Awareness. This involves teaching participants to understand their own experiences and how they influence interaction with others.
  • Communication Skills. This teaches participants the skills to have good dialogue and productive conversations. It includes body language/non-verbals, listening skills, how to respond to others, and dialogic practices.
  • Team Dynamics and Navigating Conflict. This teaches participants how to develop a productive and collaborative team environment, and how to navigate challenging team dynamics.
  • Managing Change. This provides participants tools to navigate and facilitate change. It also supports participants in developing a plan for their own teams, sharing the plan with other participants to collect feedback, and implementing the plan.

SCF received positive feedback from participants after the last Team Performance Training. In anonymous survey feedback collected after the training, one participant stated,

“I found the results of the 5 dynamics assessment to be very interesting and I really appreciated the in-person discussion about them. I will certainly use the insight gained from this in my future work.”

Another participant stated,

“Using 5 Dynamics as the groundwork for the course was really useful. By learning where my energies are in the project cycle before diving into the following assignments, I was better positioned to complete the videos and assignments within that framework.”

You can sign up for the Team Performance Training here. If you would like more information about this training, or any other training SCF offers, feel free to contact the SCF Learning Institute.