Team Performance Training

Learning to navigate through conflict, recognizing how varying work styles function within teams, and building team cohesion helps leaders and team members discover a greater awareness of themselves and others. Through online interactive sessions, self-reflection activities, and project-based learning, Southcentral Foundation’s Team Performance Training helps individuals and teams learn strategies to develop and foster positive team dynamics and self-awareness for individual performance and team success.

The 16-hour training is completed over one month. You can participate at your own pace each week, with coursework advancing every Monday. Connect with others in the training and ask questions during two optional live sessions led by Southcentral Foundation subject matter experts.

The tools you’ll learn in the Team Performance Training have been developed, piloted, and well-tested in Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka System of Care. Learn about individual work and communication styles, develop a toolbox for navigating conflict and conflict resolution, explore team dynamics, and discover strategies for working effectively as a team.

Must register at least 1 week prior to training date.

8 a.m. – noon AST

$675 per person

Check back for upcoming trainings.

Week 1: Self-Awareness

In the first week, you’ll have an opportunity to participate in three lessons:

LESSON 1  Introduction / orientation – In the first part of the training, you will receive an overview of Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka System of Care; have an opportunity to answer orientation questions; and take an assessment that will help you learn how to work through different phases of a project.

LESSON 2  Self-assessment debrief (Live session) – In a live, interactive session, Southcentral Foundation subject matter experts will debrief your assessment and take you through the first activity.

LESSON 3  Understand how you impact others by understanding how your experiences contribute to how you approach others.

Week 2: Communication Skills

Learn methods for good dialogue and productive conversations in week 2:

LESSON 4  Body language and non-verbals

LESSON 5  Listening skills

LESSON 6  Responding to others

LESSON 7  Dialogic practices

Week 3: Team Dynamics and Navigating Conflict

Adding to what you learned through your self-assessment and in the communication skills, lessons in week 3 will explore:

LESSON 8  Team dynamics (Live session) – discover ways to develop a productive, collaborative team environment

LESSON 9  Navigating conflict – learn how to maneuver challenging team dynamics

Week 4: Managing Change

In the final week, learn the tools we use to facilitate change across Southcentral Foundation. You’ll also develop a plan for your own teams, share the plan with other participants for feedback and revision, and implement the plan.

LESSON 10  Navigating change

LESSON 11  Assignment / homework – develop a plan for teams

LESSON 12  Assignment / homework – implement plan

LESSON 13  Discuss plan and revise


  • Understand individual work and communication styles
  • Navigate conflict and conflict resolution
  • Understand team dynamics, and strategies for working effectively as a team.


  • Supervisors, managers and those in leadership positions
  • Senior staff in any field
  • Admin support
  • Primary care teams