Upcoming Trainings at Southcentral Foundation

Southcentral Foundation is hosting training opportunities in late October. Come to SCF’s campus in Anchorage, Alaska and learn from subject matter experts who work in SCF’s Malcolm Baldrige award-winning Nuka System of Care. SCF is hosting two trainings from October 24-26: Behavioral Health Integration and Integrated Primary Care Team.

Behavioral Health Integration

SCF has integrated behavioral health providers into primary care clinics. Customer-owners now have same-day access to a Masters-level clinician for behavioral needs. Often, the clinician is able to meet the customer-owner’s needs with a brief intervention. If more care is needed, they either coordinate care with a clinical associate or refer the customer-owner to the specific services they need. Behavioral providers are also available for consultation with primary care teams on customer-owner cases as they are needed. This integration of behavioral services has led to a sharp drop in failed appointments, and a reduction in average wait times for behavioral services from 42 days to 7 days.

Learn how behavioral health is integrated into primary care at SCF in this three-day training, which includes interactive classroom and simulation lab learning, subject matter expert panels and a tour of our clinical and team based spaces. For more information about behavioral services at SCF, download the Behavioral Services White Paper.

Integrated Primary Care Team

At SCF, care is provided for customer-owners by integrated care teams. Each team consists of a primary care provider, registered nurse case manager, certified medical assistant, and case management support. Fully integrated with them are behaviorists, nutritionists, pharmacists, midwives, and coverage PA/NP’s—any of which can be added to the care team as they are needed. Co-located in the clinics are psychiatrists and psychiatric case management.

Integrated care team members work in an open workspace within which all other team members are co-located. This creates strong relationships among the clinical team, increasing their effectiveness when working together. This integration of services, and the relationship-based care SCF offers, has been an important factor in SCF achieving better health outcomes for customer-owners, including a 40 percent drop in ER visits, a 36 percent drop in hospital stays, and most clinical outcomes being in the top 25th or 10th HEDIS percentile.

Learn how SCF’s Integrated Care Teams function in this three-day training, in which you will explore and practice the skills needed to be successful in SCF’s Nuka System collaborative care model through interactive, subject matter expert led panels and sessions in the classroom and simulation lab. For more information about primary care at SCF, download the Medical Services White Paper.