The 9th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference

The 9th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference is drawing near! Health care professionals from around the world have already registered to come to SCF and learn about the two-time Baldrige award-winning Nuka System of Care. Registration is still open for both the general conference and the pre-conference workshop. Following is information about both sessions.

  • Infographic for Conference Feedback

Pre-Conference Workshop

This is a session of SCF’s Core Concepts training. Core Concepts is a three-day training that teaches communication and relationship-building skills that SCF’s providers use to support customer-owners on their journey toward wellness. Participants join small Learning Circles and learn tools to work more effectively with both customers and co-workers. Participants learn how they impact others, how to articulate their story from the heart, how to understand their personal and professional aspirations, and methods for good dialogue and productive conversations. All SCF employees attend Core Concepts, and the training has been called the “secret sauce” of the Nuka System of Care.

SCF has also worked with other organizations to adapt Core Concepts for their use, based on their organizational values. So far, Core Concepts has been implemented at Cherokee Indian Hospital, Kenaitze Indian Tribe, and the Veterans Health Administration. Several other organizations are currently in the process of working with SCF to implement Core Concepts.

General Conference

The general conference teaches the core elements of SCF’s Nuka System of Care, which have allowed SCF to achieve better health outcomes while also reducing costs. Sessions are available on a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Leadership and governance
  • Integrated primary care teams
  • Case management
  • Behavioral health integration
  • Engaging the community
  • Improvement and innovation
  • Human resource practices (including behavioral-based interviewing)
  • Rural health care

The conference will feature keynote speeches from Derek Feeley, President/CEO of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

Some comments from attendees about last year’s conference were:

  • “Dynamic speakers. Great content and variety of topics.”
  • “Highly organized, loved every day. It was so much fun.”
  • “Breaking down barriers. Learning to be real. Camaraderie. Positive communication. Friendship. Learning new paradigms.”
  • “Excellent presenters in every workshop I attended. They knew the material and were great communicators.”
  • “All presenters were subject matter experts, you were able to ask all sorts of questions and they would be answered.”
  • “Attention to detail. Smiles/helpfulness from staff. Willingness to share resources. Senior staff/executive participation throughout entire week. While conference sessions didn’t always go into details, staff willing to provide those specifics after session. Felt very taken care of.”
  • “Loved seeing an indigenous women(s) in action.”

Registration is still open, so sign up for the 9th Annual Nuka System of Care Conference today!