Southcentral Foundation’s Approach to Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma is a factor that can significantly impact a person’s health, and addressing the effects of trauma is an important part of comprehensive health care. As previously discussed on this blog, Southcentral Foundation operates the Family Wellness Warriors (FWW) program, which is a community and peer-driven program designed to heal the effects of trauma so that those impacted by it can live healthy lives.

Now, SCF has written a white paper that provides more detail about SCF’s approach to trauma-informed care. The white paper explores FWW’s offerings in detail, including:

  • Arrigah House, a five-day, culturally-connected intensive training focused on historical trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE), and the ways trauma can impact behavior.
  • Advanced Leader and Education Training (ALET), a five-day workshop that trains people to become learning circle facilitators for Arrigah House and other FWW trainings.
  • Soldier’s Heart, a five-day intensive training designed by and for combat veterans and first responders.
  • The Nu’iju Transformational Living Community, a 12-month therapeutic living environment for correctional centers.
  • Other learning circles offered by FWW.

The white paper also discusses data collected that supports the effectiveness of FWW’s offerings, including health care utilization changes, and improved health outcomes for training participants.

For more information on FWW and the various trainings it offers, download the trauma-informed care white paper here. And if you have any questions about FWW or any of its offerings, feel free to contact the SCF Learning Institute.